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  1. This is a port of cmatrix for OC Key Bindings: Q: Quit 0-9: Set Speed (0: fast: 9 slow) @: Set Colour to Green !: Set Colour to Red #: Set Colour to Yellow $: Set Colour to Blue &: Set Colour to White %: Set Colour to Magenta ^: Set Colour to Cyan Installation: oppm install cmatrix
  2. Wilma456

    Mynaptic - A GUI for OPPM

    This is a simple GUI for OPPM: Usage: Klick a Package to set it's status: White: Package is not installed Yellow: Package will be installed Green: Package is installed. Red: Package will be removed. Click "Apply" to apply changes. Right click a Package to get more Information.
  3. Wilma456


    Can I get a repository for Wilma456?

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