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  1. Replied to your forum post regarding EnderIO ;-)

  2. SashaGelert


    First off, Love how compact this bios is, I've spent the last three days trying to reduce the event API into something a microcontroller can implement, and this does it wonderfully! however, a few notable issues I've found: This is still a valid issue in skexBIOS 0.1.2 with client 1.0: while the client listens for a 'quit' message from the microcontroller... this message is never sent, the microcontroller's method of shutting off is to simply brick itself local run = true [...] while run do local cmdt = splitonspace(read()) if cmdt[1] == 'q' then run = false elseif [...] end end Nothing occurs after the microcontroller shuts down, nothing is sent back to the client letting it know to stop the listener or close the modem port. I'm also surprised the files aren't up on a dedicated pastebin or github for the current version, since even though we can download from the homepage. most people are likely to submit to pastebin in order to import them into their minecraft world anyway. There are a few other adjustments that could be made to the programs, especially client side, so definitely looking forward to the next version (if i don't make my own before then )

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