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  1. You can't download directories. I checked the Pastebin API and it doesn't look like they added directories to the API. And 'wget' uses the same download as your browser does and this method doesn't support downloading folders.
  2. Yes. If you look in the Wiki about signals (ocdoc.cil.li/component:signals) you can see, that the "key_down" event and the "touch" event gives you the playername.
  3. You return null in createEnvironment() but you have the return a ManagedEnvironment. The ManagedEnvironment also needs a Network Node with a component. public class TeslaUpgrade extends li.cil.oc.api.prefab.ManagedEnvironment{ public TeslaUpgrade(){ this.setNode( Network.newNode(this, Visibility.Neighbors).withComponent("teslaUpgrade").create() ); } } I do not know if you have seen the example on GitHub If the upgrade is only for robots you should check in worksWith() if the host class is li.cil.oc.common.tileentity.Robot because there are also upgrade slots in drones, microcontrollers and in the adapter block
  4. You have to get the inventory controller component not the component of the Jabba barrel. local component = require("component") local inv = component.inventory_controller local stack = inv.getInventorySize(sides.west) print(stack)
  5. Hello everybody! This is the official forum thread for OC-Minecarts. This addon mod adds computer carts and more to OpenComputers. Some features in this mod: Computer carts with an build-in engine and a break. Remote module for railcraft locomotives Network rail to send network messages and power to a computer cart. Interaction with Railcraft: Computer carts can take energy from electric rails. Carts are linkable. Signal for cart lockdown (holding tracks). Linking Upgrade for Computer Carts You can put railcraft emblems on Computer Carts Screenshot: Download and more informations on Curse. Please report any issues. Github
  6. I think Plan9k is Multiscreen compatible. If you want to use OpenOS remove the lines 31 to 36 in init.lua and replace them with: local screen = "<SCREEN ADDRESS HERE>"
  7. local fs = require("filesystem") function os.dateRL(format) if not fs.get("/").isReadOnly() then local time = io.open("/tmp/.time", "w") time:write() time:close() os.sleep(0.01) return os.date(format, fs.lastModified("/tmp/.time") / 1002.7) else return os.date(format) end end It works. Just require filesystem and "only" in isReadOnly starts with an uppercase letter
  8. You have to import/require the event library. local event = require("event") function touchsig(_, x, y, _, _) print("Xcord: " .. x .. "Ycord: " .. y) end while true do event.listen("touch", touchsig) end
  9. local component = require("component") local reactor = component.br_reactor local rods = reactor.getNumberOfControlRods() local level ={} for i=0,rods-1 do level = reactor.getControlRodLevel(i) end
  10. local component = require("component") local sd = require("sides") local rs = component.redstone local event = require("event") local oldSignal = false local state = false while true do local signal = rs.getInput(sd.front) > 0 --check if we have a redstone signal if signal ~= oldSignal then --make sure we don't trigger twice when the plate was stepped on once ' oldSignal = signal if signal then state = not state --make it so we toggle if signal is true if state then print("Opening door") rs.setOutput(sd.right, 15) else print("Closing door") rs.setOutput(sd.right, 0) end end end event.pull("redstone_changed",rs.address,sd.front) --sleep until redstone input on our device's front changes ' end You need to check if the redstone input is true when you toggle the output. EDIT: Added ' local event = require("event") '.
  11. You need a loop. Otherwise the program will return before you step on the plate. ` require("component.redstone") ` is wrong. "component" is the library with a variable called redstone. You have to write ` require("component").redstone ` local component = require("component") local sd = require("sides") local rs = require("component").redstone while true do if rs.getInput(sd.front) == 15 then print("Opening door") rs.setOutput(sd.right, 15) else print("Closing door") rs.setOutput(sd.right, 0) end end You can stop the programm with: Ctl + Alt + C (terminate)
  12. https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/issues/422 I think it is fixed
  13. Very good tutorial. One note the setup on the last picture is not the best if you try to send a network message (network loop).
  14. No problems in the newest version of OC and EnderIO.
  15. Just a short tutorial on how to download programs from the internet. You need... *) Computer (min. tier 2 case) *) Internet Card *) Disk or a Hard Drive (to store the file) Make sure that HTTP is enabled in the config!!! (default enabled) Download from Pastebin The OC pastebin program works like the program from CC. pastebin get [-f] <pastebin code> <path to the new file + filename> -- without path it will store the file in the current work directory -f (optional) overwrites a existing file example: pastebin get G61bgv29 hello.lua --stores hello.lua in the current work directory pastebin get G61bgv29 /bin/hello.lua --stores hello.lua in /bin folder Download with wget If you want to download a program from Github or another Website you can use wget. wget [-f] <download url> <path to the new file + filename> -- without path it will store the file in the current work directory -f (optional) overwrites a existing file example ( I used a pastebin url): wget 'http://pastebin.com/download.php?i=G61bgv29' /bin/hello.lua ----stores hello.lua in /bin folder Upload to Pastebin It is also possible to upload files to pastebin. pastebin put <path to file> it will output: /# pastebin put <path> Uploading to pastebin.com... success. Uploaded as http://pastebin.com/<Pastebin ID> Run "pastebin get <Pastebin ID>" to download anywhere. /#