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  1. ben_mkiv

    OpenSecurity: os_alarm not found

    There are none within the mod, but you can do that with OC but it requires knowledge about how things work. you could use network messages to send a command to the computer which the alarm is connected to. Or (which is more complicated) assemble a Microcontroller with the Alarm inside, which does listen for the network message. How to use network messages can be read up here: https://ocdoc.cil.li/component:modem You should start with 2 computers which have a wireless network card, and when you got that running you could look into microcontrollers.
  2. ben_mkiv

    OpenSecurity: os_alarm not found

    please try to change alarm.setRange(1-60) to alarm.setRange(15) and report back if the issue persists
  3. ben_mkiv

    The thread about bragging and special thingers

    Is this still a thing? :> Would love to have a special thinger with purple light (float) 0.8156, 0, 1 (ingame name: ben_mkiv) my oc projects are actually 3 addon mods that have ~10k downloads * OCDevices which adds tilt/rotateable flatscreens, new decorative computer cases and a external card dock (source on github) * OpenEntity a mod that allows to attach computers to any mob/minecart/player in the world (source will be released on github when its out of alpha stage) * OpenGlasses2 which is a revamp/fork of marcin212's OpenGlasses with new features (source on github) also contributed a bit to OpenSecurity 1.12.2, and im around in #oc on irc/discord to help and bug people from time to time
  4. ben_mkiv

    OC causing severe lag

    Did you install the Mod on the server, too? Or did you just use it on the Clientside? Or was that Singleplayer Mode?
  5. ben_mkiv

    OC causing severe lag

    https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/laggoggles you could install this mod, and profile the server usage, then upload the log or a screenshot of this screen: (iirc it shows when you click "analyze result" after running the profiler)
  6. Features: FlatScreen Panel frameless screen which can be configured to be "rotated/tilted" on the x/y axis and can render transparent (they work as normal Screens, Touchinput will be improved in the final release) CardDock external housing for OpenComputer Cards which can be bound to any machine in the Network Cases additional Tier3 computer cases from ZefTheFox Download on curseForge for Minecraft 1.12.2 https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/ocdevices
  7. ben_mkiv

    cmatrix - A Matrix like Screensaver

    nice, mineos also has one that can be used standalone and is worth a try as it got another charset https://github.com/IgorTimofeev/MineOS/blob/master/Screensavers/Matrix.lua
  8. ben_mkiv

    make opencomputers processors faster

    The bee in question is the temporal species from careerbees but im not sure if it allows you more indirect component calls. probably not
  9. ben_mkiv

    Redstone Card Issues/Bug

    didnt test it but if im not wrong you have to supply the redstone signal from another block, did you try with a redstone torch (+dust) next to your computer?
  10. ben_mkiv

    Idea Get!

    https://github.com/GlobalEmpire/GERT/blob/master/GERT Whitepaper.txt
  11. ben_mkiv

    Remote Control Microcontroll Bios

    nice made something similiar for wireless redstone control and such. can be installed by using "pastebin run https://pastebin.com/qK4WKzzi" and comes with an GUI which can autodetect microcontrollers in range
  12. ben_mkiv

    [Proposal] Micro-components

    I think its better to get into Java and make this stuff as a addon. Also some stuff is already covered by addon mods, like Computronics (https://wiki.vexatos.com/wiki:computronics) which adds soundcards
  13. ben_mkiv

    Hologram Editor

    i've made another little change which adds a 2nd output file when saving the hologram. the format contains an table with subtables for each color with stroke instructions to use with the fill render method of the projector, for some usecases this is faster than setting the voxels one by one. the rendering function is at line 352 and can be used pretty easy in other projects. the outputfile has ".raw" suffix also this script uses the renderfunction, which can be changed in line 100 https://pastebin.com/6EJV1CbX
  14. ben_mkiv

    Hologram Editor

    added some button to load data from projector, so you can edit stuff like geo2holo projections https://github.com/ben-mkiv/oc-lua/

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