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  1. ben_mkiv

    make opencomputers processors faster

    The bee in question is the temporal species from careerbees but im not sure if it allows you more indirect component calls. probably not
  2. ben_mkiv

    Redstone Card Issues/Bug

    didnt test it but if im not wrong you have to supply the redstone signal from another block, did you try with a redstone torch (+dust) next to your computer?
  3. ben_mkiv

    Idea Get!

    https://github.com/GlobalEmpire/GERT/blob/master/GERT Whitepaper.txt
  4. ben_mkiv

    Remote Control Microcontroll Bios

    nice made something similiar for wireless redstone control and such. can be installed by using "pastebin run https://pastebin.com/qK4WKzzi" and comes with an GUI which can autodetect microcontrollers in range
  5. ben_mkiv

    [Proposal] Micro-components

    I think its better to get into Java and make this stuff as a addon. Also some stuff is already covered by addon mods, like Computronics (https://wiki.vexatos.com/wiki:computronics) which adds soundcards
  6. ben_mkiv

    Hologram Editor

    i've made another little change which adds a 2nd output file when saving the hologram. the format contains an table with subtables for each color with stroke instructions to use with the fill render method of the projector, for some usecases this is faster than setting the voxels one by one. the rendering function is at line 352 and can be used pretty easy in other projects. the outputfile has ".raw" suffix also this script uses the renderfunction, which can be changed in line 100 https://pastebin.com/6EJV1CbX
  7. ben_mkiv

    OpenComputers Tinker's Construct Driver

    I've tried to figure it out but couldnt get it working. To me it looks like that the adapter logic creates the component name. actually i would suggest to look at how other mods do it, like https://github.com/canitzp/ActuallyComputers (or ask their autor, they might have run into the same problem)
  8. ben_mkiv

    Trouble with Geolyzer and OpenGlasses addon

    iirc its something like dot[1] = glasses.addDot() which you have to move to the correct block position. http://minecraft.bymarcin.com/OpenGlasses/doku.php?id=position3d you may also want to enable the visibility through objects/wall, which should be dot[1].setVisibleThroughObjects(true) check the wiki for more informations: http://minecraft.bymarcin.com/OpenGlasses/doku.php?id=dotworld
  9. ben_mkiv

    [1.12.2] OpenEntity (Alpha)

    Hi, want to show of my current project. the mod allows to attach Capabilities to almost any Entity (Mob/Minecart) and manipulation through a OpenComputers components Wiki: https://github.com/ben-mkiv/OpenEntity/wiki Curse Project Site: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/openentity Latest Downloads: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/openentity/files make world backups if you use alpha/beta builds of my mod! xD OpenComputer 1.7+ for Minecraft 1.12 is required to enable the OpenComputers features feel free to contribute any feedback, specially how to balance costs of features out
  10. ben_mkiv

    [Addon Mod] java.lang.Nullpointer on startup [SOLVED]

    noticed the new branch on your github. Maybe we can work together at some point, if you would accept to make/use a more flexible class which just adds the OC Integration to any entity (not limited to minecarts) I'm working on some 1.12.2 mod with a entity as computer and already used your old oc-minecart code as reference. But specially the inventory handling looks a bit messy to me O:-) I'm also around on IRC and you can pm me in german if you would prefer that
  11. ben_mkiv

    Robot on patrol

    computronics is worth a look, which has a radar upgrade for robots https://wiki.vexatos.com/wiki:computronics:radar
  12. ben_mkiv

    abort keyboard input

    in this thread payonel wrote how its done in openos 1.6.5+
  13. ben_mkiv

    Mekanism HUD with OpenGlasses

    Mekanism HUD for my OpenGlasses fork (needs at least version 3.3.3) https://github.com/ben-mkiv/OCGlasses/releases images from the setup => https://imgur.com/a/dx8Yf the script monitors the mekanism reactor, induction matrix, 2 input tanks for deuterium/tritium and one laser amplifier (use the closest to the reactor) supports remote ignition and setting of injection rate the code isn't cleaned up or optimized a lot so... (may update it later) haven't tested it with a steam reactor yet, but the stats should appear when water or steam is in the reactor setup with (the glasses need database upgrades to handle all the widgets (~90 Widgets used) so add a Tier3 DB Update on Anvil and it should work ) pastebin run 9NJ3E5kG the blur effect is archived by this mod and only visible when the Overlay is active (hotkey for openglasses) https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/blur
  14. ben_mkiv

    Hologram Editor

    added some button to load data from projector, so you can edit stuff like geo2holo projections https://github.com/ben-mkiv/oc-lua/

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