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  1. Sangar

    Hologram Editor

    Just a quick heads up: apparently saving doesn't work correctly when using LuaJ (which is entirely LuaJ's fault, just wanting to let people know). MoonlightOwl: If you can tell me why and what in LuaJ it is that is breaking it, or even better, make a PR to https://github.com/MightyPirates/OC-LuaJ that'd be great!
  2. Sangar

    3D Printing with Schematics

    Wow. Did you have to increase the complexity limit of prints for that, or do you have some kind of merging in place to keep the actual number of shapes per print low enough?
  3. Sangar


    You can grab the theme from userstyles.org.
  4. Sangar


    There you go, made that screenshot just for you:
  5. Sangar

    Hologram Editor

    Ah, yeah, no continuous rotation on the holograms. I actually tried that, and found it looked horribly out of place
  6. Sangar

    Hologram Editor

    Hit the projector with a wrench on the top or bottom.
  7. Oh, that's quite possible, I think I had night disabled in NEI. Pretty sure that's what it was then, nothing to do with signals. Phew
  8. Welp, this then officially puts this in the "random bugs" category, the most annoying of all: it's working now, with and without that option (and yes, it does log that). Looking awesome! It does occasionally seem to miss a key-up or something, because at some point blocks tend to start coming down pretty much immediately? At least I'm assuming that's what's happening, could be something else entirely. Really cool demo!
  9. Hmm, just gave it a try, but nothing's happening? I.e. I can turn on the computer just fine, and it keeps "running", but nothing is happening. `doDaylightCylce` is true, not that that should matter. I had a look at the CPU state with the debugger, and the PC (not personal computer, program counter ) never changes. Any ideas? Setups tried: Creative Case, T1 through T3 CPU, with and without RAM, GPU1 through 3, Screen T2+Keyboard, tetris.rom flashed to EEPROM.
  10. Sangar

    OpenComputers v1.5.9

    OpenComputers 1.5.9 is out now! More integration with other mods, a couple of bugfixes. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download on Curse. Added: Charger can now be used to charge battery upgrades, as well as other energy items (e.g. RF or EU powered items). Added: The experience upgrade can now consume enchanted items and XP bottles for experience. Added: Integration with IngameWikiMod (made most pages from OC's manual available in it). Added: OpenOS' shell now supports piping (e.g. cat < f1 | cat >> f2). Added: Support for BluePower's bundled redstone. Added: Support for more GregTech machines in recipe definitions. Added: Waypoint block, can be queried using navigation upgrades. Changed: Reworked logic for rendering upgrades on robots. Makes it easier for addons to render their upgrades, and makes it work in MC 1.8 again. Fixed: Drones losing their name when changing their EEPROM. Fixed: Potential client-side log spam in disassembler GUI when disassembleAllTheThings was enabled. Fixed: Robot animations continuing when game was paused. Fixed: Robot rendering potentially leaving OpenGL state in a way that leads to certain blocks to not be rendered. Fixed [MC1.8]: A few potential NPEs. Click here to view the article
  11. Let's start with a bit of history, shall we? A long, long time ago, in an internet far, far away, I was asked to add a little something to OpenComputers. This little something was supposed to be a kind of reward. For what? Why, a gloriously glorious competition, a battle to the death, an unprecedented spectacle of epic proportions, rivaled merely by the occassional drama so fanatically craved by the Minecraft community. I sat down. I started thinking. I had a drink, did some more thinking. Then, a brilliant idea. Alas, it was a horribly uninteresting and boring idea, so I scrapped it. In fact, it was so boring, I even forgot what it was (totallynotcapes). However! Another idea was born, and behold, it was beautiful. And cute. Some might even use the term "adorable" to describe it. Once implemented, the hurdles of which are a different story, for a different day, I awaited the return of the master of the tournament. A month passed, then another. About half a year had gone by when he was seen again, only to disappear onto another secret mission. Information was scarce, cynicism started to spread like wildfire. Was it a hoax? Was there a point to this? Yet, unlikely as it was, another half year later, he reappeared, out of a cloud of smoke. Or something like that. Promises were made, channels were created, hype trains were set in motion. Very jerky, heavily obstructed motion. I'm not sure you could really call it "motion", come to think of it... anyway! As I was saying, things were happening. One way or another. A date was found, participants were to be had. The date passed, someone did something, someone else said "oh, but it was supposed to be next weekend", everyone else was like "yeah, right", and noone really seemed to care anymore. In fact, said master of the tournament hasn't been seen since, to the best of my knowledge, nor the single participant - and therefore unchallenged winner (if you read this, tell me your ingame name, Wobbo). So where does this leave us, and why did I tell you this, and what the heck is this thread all about? Well. After all of the above, I'm now left with them special thingers, not really knowing what to do with them, how to decide on whom to give them to. All of that while being repeatedly asked where one can get them. Or demands to get one. Possibly involving threats by means of Scala code ported to Java. So this is what this thread is for. You can get one, now! Maybe. Possibly. If I like you. Or, at an attempt to be somewhat more objective, if you developed a not utterly obscure addon for OpenComputers. Or contributed to OpenComputers in a non-trivial way (no, robot names do not count). The short of it is, this thread shall serve two purposes: it allows addon developers to pitch their mod in the most fabulous of ways, in a central place people can be directed towards, and it allows superior beings to get a special thinger. And it may also be a bit of a motivator for modders to make an addon / finish their projects. Finally, here's the rules: The first rule of... this thread: the special thingers must be referred to as special thingers in this thread. Prepare to have your post edited if you slip. Do not post unless it's to request a special thinger. Off-topic posts will be hidden/deleted at our discretion. When requesting, explain why you think you deserve your special thinger ™. Put some effort into your post. If you made an addon, give a short sales-pitch of it, and ideally prove that it's not just a tiny tweak-mod that only you and your two imaginary flamingo friends use, for example via Curse download numbers. If you contributed to OpenComputers in some other way, explain how, what it did for OpenComputers, and why you think that that's worthy of a sh- special thinger ™. Tell me what color you want. Ideally as three floats, used for the color multiplication, but if I lost you there, an RGB value is fine, too. Tell me your Minecraft name. Since this will go into a publically readable file on Github, you have to be OK with it being exposed. Let the shameless advertising begin!
  12. Sangar

    The Basics

    Ah, another link in hiding, thanks. Updated.
  13. Sangar

    OpenComputers v1.5.0

    Mostly bugfixes since the beta. Changelog copied for convenience, because you really should read it. Really. READ THE CHANGE LOG! As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download on Curse. This update contains some major changes, so be sure to read the change log. Also, due to these changes, this version may have some neat new bugs hidden in it, in particular in the way robots' and drones' inventories work and how they interact with the world. Added: eeprom.getData/setData for storing a 256-sized byte array. Changed: Microcontrollers are now fully sided, i.e. they do not pass power, network messages or component access anymore. They can select to which sides they send network messages, however, allowing use as advanced switches. Changed: Internet card now uses userdata for opened connections. The internet library didn't change and remains backwards compatible. However, if you used the internet component directly, you'll need to adjust your code. Changed: Drones can now place blocks and break blocks that can be harvested by hand. Changed: Robot movement restrictions added. They have a limited flight height when in mid-air now (default is eight for now, may add upgrades to boost it). Their movement logic after a good amount of discussion can be summarized as such: Robots may only move if the start or target position is valid. The position below a robot is always valid (if it isn't solid). Positions up to flightHeight above a solid block are valid. Any position that has an adjacent block with a solid face towards the position is valid. Changed: Methods inserting into robot/drone inventories (*.suck()) will now prefer inserting into the selected slot over merging into an existing stack. Removed: computer.getBootAddress/setBootAddress, this is replaced by eeprom.getData/setData. The new Lua BIOS will provide a temporary fallback that uses the EEPROM's new methods. IMPORTANT: you will need to recraft your Lua BIOSes, the old ones will error. IMPORTANT ADDITIONAL NOTES This version should be world-compatible with 1.4, i.e. blocks and items should be safe. Computers will stop due to computer save-state incompatibility. You will also need to re-craft your Lua BIOSes due to a low-level Lua API change (the one that causes the save-state incompatibility). There were some changes to the Java API. I don't think many mods use the parts that changed, but you may encounter issues with those until they also update. The version for MC 1.8 should be considered beta, please report any issues with it over on Github! Click here to view the article
  14. Sangar

    OpenComputers v1.4.4a

    OpenComputers 1.4.4a is now available. More bugfixes. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. For downloads see Curse. Fixed: IC2 is recognized as energy providing mod again (note: it still worked as long as there was another supported power providing mod present, but OC went to no-power mode if IC2 was the only such mod present). Fixed: Negative values for width/height of gpu.copy/gpu.fill doing bad things. Fixed: Forgot adding backwards compatibility to inventory_controller.getStackInSlot; sides.back now refers to the robot's own inventory again. However, please transition to using inventory_controller.getStackInInternalSlot for this. Fixed: Drones with an active leash causing leash items to be dropped when picked up (shift-rightclicked). Fixed: Leash on drones not rendering centered on drone. Fixed: Potential NPE in Waila handler. Click here to view the article
  15. Sangar

    OpenComputers v1.4.4

    OpenComputers 1.4.4 is now available. Mostly bugfixes. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. For downloads see Curse. Added: Creative Drone and Microcontroller cases. Added: Preconfigured Robot, Microcontroller and Drone to creative tab (Microcontroller and Drone still need a programmed EEPROM to be put useful). Added: EEPROM cloning recipe (EEPROM + EEPROM -> 2x EEPROM with same data). If one is empty, the one with data is preferred. If both have data, the first one gets copied onto the second. Added: Waila options for toggling energy, address and component name. Added: eeprom.getSize, eeprom.getChecksum and eeprom.makeReadonly(checksum). Added: file:read("*n") implementation (thanks Soni). Changed: Coloring tooltips of devices according to their tier now. Fixed: robot.drain and robot.fill not always returning the amount transferred. Fixed: EEPROM being network visible. Fixed: EEPROM component proxy being fetched too early in flash.lua. Fixed: Inventory slot offset for tank controller upgrade. Fixed: NEI item hiding derp. Fixed: NPE in AE2 controller driver usage screen when AE2 channels are disabled. Click here to view the article

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