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  1. @AustinLearns First of all, how it doesn't work? Hard to help if the problem is unknown.
  2. How are you powering the computer?
  3. @vratk0529 function names can't have (-) characters in them as it is interpreted as a minus. You have to use underscores (_).
  4. @Crack3dC0d3 They get suspended because your power storage is full and they turn on if power demand rises or storage level drops. In other words it's working as intended.
  5. Decided to change temporarily to event.pull() but thanks anyway.
  6. So, I'm developing a program which uses event.listen(), and debugging them is a pain because of lines like these: bad argument #1 (string expected, got nil) How am I supposed to know where the error is when there is no location information? So is there a way to get the full error details somehow?
  7. Sounds interesting, but make sure to write the documentation well.
  8. Hello. So, I'm making an (in-game) monetary transaction system and for that I need encryption. Documentation on the data card is extremely poor (no examples). Here's what I have so far: Note! The key transfer has already been done. --Machine #A local pubKeyA, privKeyA = data.generateKeyPair() local shKeyA = data.ecdh(privKeyA, pubKeyB) local message = "Hello?" ---[What happens in here to encrypt data?] modem.send(encryptedData) --just placeHolder --Machine #B local pubKeyB, privKeyB = data.generateKeyPair() local shKeyB = data.ecdh(privKeyB, pubKeyA) local message=event.pull() --just placeholder ---[What happens in here to decrypt data?] print(decryptedData) Any and all help would be appreciated.
  9. @neocromicon You have too old version of OpenComputers (the mod) update to 1.7.3 (you are using 1.6.1) . The thread library only exists in 1.7.x builds of the mod.
  10. The thing is that the directory has only files and no directories. The files contain binary data (sha256 hashes), so how would I actually iterate through them for comparing with a fresh value.
  11. How can I get the number of files in a directory?
  12. Not correct, there is x=x+1 line near the bottom.
  13. I have developed a sort of DNS server/client system. This is the fifth iteration of this system and finally, one which works and I'm happy with. Here is the link: https://github.com/SpaceBeeGaming/OC-DNS I know there was another "DNS" posted recently but it has not influenced mine (sounds selfish, I know; but true).
  14. If this is the case, it needs to be addressed in the wiki.
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