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      Latest Stable OpenComputers Version   11/26/16

      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.7.2 for MC 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)


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  1. Tank Display Program

    Thought about it too but than i will need atleast 5 Servers, monitoring each stock itself. this much space we dont have in our control room and we want to keep the pc's as low as possible ^^ so ... not the bst solution. btw. can the server get inputs from different ports at once? so it could name the incoming messages itself if you install the client with different ports.
  2. Tank Display Program

    Now i have an other idea, only if you are interested in it Currently your nice program/server accepts the outputs of many different clients at the same time and putting them on one screen. Sadly its not possible to see which message/liquid-storage was sended from which client. So you have only an overview of all at once. (as sample: we have 4 different unload stations (1x ship, 2x train and 1x airship) and a main Storage. When i add to each unloadstation/buffer a client i can only see what i have all over so i cant see from control room what was delivered and what is already in our storage) So is it possible that the Clients can be labeled while installing and send theese messages to the servers so it can print it out? Thanks
  3. Tank Display Program

    Very nice Thank ya very much What was the issue?
  4. Tank Display Program

    maybe he doesnt start through cuz the client doesnt save the "range-settings" and abborting the autorun.lua .. cant tell for sure since no error appears
  5. Tank Display Program

    hmmm .. have reinstalled the program as client ,... same issue after reboot/ on/off. no error .. nothing ... just beeing in diractionary /home ah... may i mention that this happens mainly to only the client.
  6. Tank Display Program

    Currently we are using OpenComputers-MC1.7.10- and as i already wrote: " (NVM- the bug happens if you work with a Power-Distributor and a Relay) " in Single player the files are working fine, even if you reboot the pc or turn it on/off .. but strangly not on our mod-pack server. maybe with latest version a bug appeared .. the autorun.lua looks legit... but after restart the pc automaticly goes to directionary /home #
  7. Tank Display Program

    and next point i have figured out. the programs run smoothly but wont be saved on the mc-server. or the autorun.lua is bugged. after restart of the pc the program is gone/not working until you reinstall it
  8. Tank Display Program

    Great Work !! and so quick thanks. sadly i found a strange bug in spreading informations over more monitors, a few gets only strange informations. (half of text and wrong colors) (NVM- the bug happens if you work with a Power-Distributor and a Relay) and the wireless broadcast (with a setting of 2000range) cant reach a server (chunkloaded) which is further away (arround 500blocks) Ah, and the liquids you see here are from "tinkers" so maybe thats why they are unknown to your program. (just took them as test)
  9. Tank Display Program

    And maybe add an optione while installing the client of the "wireless network-card" the signal-strength.
  10. Tank Display Program

    Yes, and i have figured out that "server-side" print message of the liquids can only be done on 1 Monitor. So next question would be, is it possible to broadcast it to more seperated monitors in a Network thats seperated from the incomming message of the client. (example on screen) *dont want to botch your programm :D*
  11. Tank Display Program

    Hello .. Nice program but got a little bug with the client. it shows only 1% of full storage even if the drum/tank is full. on the server its shown correctly. and got a question. possible to setup the server with higher resultion? if you only use a small 1x3 Monitor its kinda hard to read the content if you have only a few liquids.
  12. Don't know how to do something? Look here!

    hiho wanted to try to make sure that only me and my friend could enter our home while using a motion-sensor http://pastebin.com/cmbRn3Yi somehow the sensor activates but cant call back my identity name if this would be possible i could extend the program hope you guys could help me where i fail at this point. thank you