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  1. AustinLearns

    [ATM 3 Remix] PureMC 24/7 Public

    Um could you add opencomputers and only that? on MC Forge server stupid i know but just wondering 1.12.2 please
  2. AustinLearns

    OC power from ProjectRed

    Why can't the power from Project Red be used in OC?
  3. AustinLearns

    control door piston

    I'm sorry for bothering you, I have found out the reason why it gave me the error. Thank you for trying to help.
  4. AustinLearns

    control door piston

    @SpaceBeeGamingI'm new to this.
  5. AustinLearns

    control door piston

    Sorry but i have tried to use the code but it will not work. wondering if someone can assist me in this dilemma?

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