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  1. Click it with a scrench.
  2. For a computer you have to do local component = require("component") In the lua interpreter you don't have to require stuff like you do in scripts For a microcontroller... well you don't get require there so you'll have to do it lower level and I'm not sure how that works
  3. As I told you in the ticket, you CAN. NOT. print(keypad) that is *NOT* how events work. event = require("event") _,_, button, button_label = event.pull("keypad") print(button)
  4. RE: Editing files outside of the game, open the OC Config and find the option "bufferchanges" set it to false, then files will update in game as soon as you save out of (and vice versa)
  5. If you know, why do you keep picking random places to post your requests? You've been linked to the proper place EVERY TIME you've posted a thread.
  6. Like MoonlightOwl said, the issue is likely that you're overwriting "event" on line 99. You can't use the variable name "event" twice in the same script cause setting it the second time will overwrite the first.
  7. From reports on IRC, it seems the DW20 pack is shipping an older version of OC that had broken mod interaction that caused this (Someone correct me if I'm wrong). AFAIK the only fix is to update OC to the latest release.
  8. In Single Player in the OC config there is an option "bufferChanges" set it to false. You'll find your programs in /MCDir/saves/savename/opencomputers/UUID/ UUID is the address of the hard drive that contains the files you want to edit. [Also moved to proper subform]
  9. Using just OC? No. If you have Computronics you could convert the mp3 to DWFPM then write the data to a tape and play it back. Or with OpenFM you can stream the mp3 directly.
  10. forum

    This has been resolved, thanks for the report!
  11. Just released versions for 1.8.9 and 1.9.4 available on CurseForge!
  12. Just released 1.8.9, and 1.9.4 (Should also work with 1.10.2) ports of OpenPrinter available at curseforge http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/openprinter
  13. The documentation in this thread is out of date, the wiki on github https://github.com/PC-Logix/OpenSecurity/wiki is the best place for docs. The issue is the component name is os_rfidreader, all lowercase, all of the component names are lowercase, and should be prefixed with os_
  14. I've boosted the movement speed in the latest dev builds on Jenkins available at http://ci.pc-logix.com/job/OpenSecurity-Dev/ If you want to get it a shot. (Warning these builds may be unstable)
  15. The OpenOS floppy is read only, put the floppy in boot up, type install and select your hard drive from the list. OpenOS doesn't have sudo, I figure the reason your oppm install oppm failed, was cause you were still booted from that floppy, you'll have to install OpenOS first, then switch to the oppm floppy and install it.