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  1. Saddamo

    Security system for opensecurity

    Thank you very much for awesome OpenComputers program
  2. Saddamo

    Security system for opensecurity

    I will use your security for casino and nuclear reactors entrance. Procedure how to get in: 1. punch the code that will open the door into a corridor 2. at the end of that corridor, use magnetic strip card to open next door 3. punch next code to start the nuclear reactor Reactor will start if: The battery is not charged more then 75% The temperarure is ok The manual safety switch is on I am making new advanced reactor IC chip for this I am not crazy, I just like it this way
  3. Saddamo

    Security system for opensecurity

    man,u r the best!!! I would be very happy, if I could show you, what I am going to use this. Thank you very much one more time
  4. Saddamo

    Security system for opensecurity

    Your security system is working, great job. The best I have seen, maybe it could do "beep" after the code is accepted. Would you like to make something like this with numeric "keypad" in OpenSecurity? Nothing fancy, just punch the code and output redstone signal with "beep"
  5. Saddamo

    Security system for opensecurity

    I didnt have luck to make it working
  6. Saddamo

    Security system for opensecurity

    I am going to try your program for casino security Casino slot machine V1.0 proof of concept: http://imgur.com/a/NHoZq slot machine chip inside: http://imgur.com/a/eCZFX
  7. Saddamo

    The Basics

    I want more tutorials, haha

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