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  1. for a polite server load, we let the minecraft server runtime decide when to pick back up our threads, and thus we cannot give lower precision that we currently have.
  2. you need to return your library object from your library file, i.e. add "return move" at the end of "move.lua"
  3. it is better to think of these string functions as raw byte array methods, and our unicode methods as utf8 sequence methods string.len is not a count of glyphs rendered on the screen, rather it is the number of chars in the string. a utf8 sequence may be one or more chars for a single glyph string.sub selects a sequence of chars in a byte stream from [1, string.len] unicode.len can be used for all utf8 strings to measure the number of logical utf8 sequences/glyphs unicode.wlen measures the physical rendered width of a rendered utf8 string unicode.sub deals with positions of sequence sets or glyphs. these indexes are in the range of [1, unicode.len]
  4. font is rendered on each client -- the same for all gpus on all screens this would be a per gpu call, and we'd have to update our glyph table for all clients - which we have built in such a way for fast rendering, we'd lose some of that to do dynamic lookups
  5. Can you please provide a repro, with steps, as I demonstrated?
  6. repro is short for reproduce A good bug report provides a minimal set of steps required to reproduce the bug. A minimal set of steps also means a minimal set of dependencies. If your bug does not need survival, don't use survival, make a creative world. If your repro doesn't need multiplayer, don't use multiplayer. If your repro doesn't need other mods installed, repro with only OC installed. If your bug doesn't need default world, use a flat world. Here is an example repro of a made up bug:
  7. please provide a repro keep in mind, repro means: minimum set of steps from an empty flatworld test environment, everything you create and do in order to reproduce the issue
  8. i'm going to guess you have a /etc/oppm.cfg that lists oppm is installed (maybe copied from another computer?) and i'm going to guess you don't have a /bin/oppm.lua which should be created when you install oppm anyways, seems you have a mix of files needed. try removing your /etc/oppm.lua and run the install again
  9. payonel

    Hep with my code?

    @Molinko https://github.com/OpenPrograms/Sangar-Programs/blob/master/print3d.lua#L70 and https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/blob/master-MC1.7.10/src/main/scala/li/cil/oc/common/tileentity/Printer.scala#L182 but from a quick scan of the ranges given, i don't see any 0-width values I would test with fewer values, like a binary search, to find the specific bad range
  10. Sounds great. Also, I recommend using latest dev builds, especially if you are planning on testing things in general. https://ci.cil.li/job/OpenComputers-MC1.12/ We're now 2 builds after the 154 I linked
  11. fixed in our next dev build: https://ci.cil.li/job/OpenComputers-MC1.12/154/ please test a bunch. there are a LOT of things you can do with robot.use, and it is difficult to test everything it will be helpful to know if this looks good for everything so we can push out a new release sooner
  12. change the `timeout` in the config ` opencomputers { computer { timeout = 5 } } `
  13. Thanks for the translation! I don't mean to offend, I wish I spoke German! I just want more people who come here to find answers or help. English is the common language for most visitors here. I wasn't trying to single you out
  14. can you write in english on this forum? use translate.google.com if you must
  15. .shrc is run as a list of shell commands, not lua code when you are running the file directly, the shell interpreter is guessing it is lua code, even though the extension is not .lua to accomplish what you want, store your lua code in a separate file, for example a file named test.lua, and in your .shrc write the line: ./test.lua (or just test)
  16. @XyFreak becuse you've given it such thought, please consider my PR: https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/pull/3059 this change also reduces memory load by another ~100 bytes Also, fyi, calling computer.uptime() is direct, you can call it roughly 17k times without any thread yielding. so the increase in calls to uptime() will not have any negative impact
  17. yeah. my tests and the kernel system in general doesn't use blocking pulls in this manner, i see how i missed this. I'll add some tests for this type of usage.
  18. this is a good investigation. sorry for this regression. I will fix this (and yes, I'm the right one to ping)
  19. there was a regression caused by updates to JAVA that appears to have possibly broken OC in previous versions. Truth is we were likely misusing a nonblocking file handle, and we were vulnerable to this issue for a long time. But with recent java updates, this issue is causing this serious bug that you have encountered. We have patched our official release of OC to deal with this. You will need to do one of the follow 1. disable bufferChanges in the oc settings. you said you did this, this is actually how to protect yourself from the bug. I suspect you actually hit the bug when bufferChanges was set to true or 2. update to our latest 1.7.4 version ( https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/opencomputers/files ) There is no way to recover lost data, short of your own backups. I am very sorry for this frustration I know this has caused
  20. this issue has been resolved, please update to our latest release
  21. if you set LS_COLORS (an environment variable in the shell) it'll use that as a rule for highlighting ls results it is a colon separated list of rules. {TAG}={COLOR}:{TAG}={COLOR}:{TAG}={COLOR} ... etc TAG can be: di for directory fi for file ln for symbolic link TAG can also be a glob rule, like *.lua COLOR is a vt100 color code, "36" for example is the default blue dir color see /etc/profile.lua where it sets the system default for LS_COLORS you can change your current shell env var using `set` like `set LS_COLORS="....."` or you can set it via os.setenv, like I do in the /etc/profile.lua
  22. please add your modlist to this bug report https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/issues/2793
  23. thanks for reporting, can you copy a list of the mods you are using?
  24. Hi @lukeh990 saw your message in irc. you only stuck around in irc for 7 minutes after you pinged me I hope you give irc and troubleshooting this issue with me more again.
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