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  1. payonel

    Computer Halted Error

    this issue has been resolved, please update to our latest release
  2. payonel

    How to add more colors to ls

    if you set LS_COLORS (an environment variable in the shell) it'll use that as a rule for highlighting ls results it is a colon separated list of rules. {TAG}={COLOR}:{TAG}={COLOR}:{TAG}={COLOR} ... etc TAG can be: di for directory fi for file ln for symbolic link TAG can also be a glob rule, like *.lua COLOR is a vt100 color code, "36" for example is the default blue dir color see /etc/profile.lua where it sets the system default for LS_COLORS you can change your current shell env var using `set` like `set LS_COLORS="....."` or you can set it via os.setenv, like I do in the /etc/profile.lua
  3. payonel

    An error report

    please add your modlist to this bug report https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/issues/2793
  4. payonel

    An error report

    thanks for reporting, can you copy a list of the mods you are using?
  5. payonel

    Computer Halted Error

    Hi @lukeh990 saw your message in irc. you only stuck around in irc for 7 minutes after you pinged me I hope you give irc and troubleshooting this issue with me more again.
  6. payonel

    Computer Halted Error

    is it a local game? can you zip up your entire minecraft instance of that pack and share a link for me to download? if you dont have a place from which you can share it, I can create a cloud folder. just private message me in irc (oc on esper)
  7. payonel

    Computer Halted Error

    ideally it repros with OC only and all we need is a world tarball. ideally i don't have to use another launcher, but can just drop the world, config, and mods in an mmc instance try copying the world to a new pack that contains OC only, turn off power requirements for oc in the config then start it up and let fml drop all the blocks you've removed support for, test the machines and see if they still fail.
  8. payonel

    Computer Halted Error

    if anyone is able to create a simple repro, with a TINY number of mods, and are able to pack that into a zip, then share that zip with me (here, or in our #oc irc channel) i WILL look into this the problem i have is that this does not repro for me
  9. functions have to have an `end` local event = require("timer") event.timer(2, function() print("do something") end,3)
  10. payonel

    Multithreading in drones

    aye, the threading library is part of openos. without installing it, you've got not thread api My solution to your issue would be to put a timeout on computer.pullSignal. If it times, execute the next pending command (if there is one)
  11. payonel

    Preemptive multitasking and sysyield timeouts

    First of all, if you pull off getting our machines to run without forced cooperative yields....that's just awesome. I'm pretty excited about the work you did with eris already. Secondly, a fixed user-defined __gc solution also sounds very nice, but raises new risks. I would like to suggest we look at these two features separately. Obviously, the gc work coming after. The problem with __gc code is that debug hooks are disabled during __gc code execution. So a user could rob the thread and we'd not be able to yield it. So unless you have found a way to execute gc code WHILE not disabling debug hooks -- this is not something we can have enabled by default. (but still a thing we should fix, as yes, the current implementation is not perfect) Thirdly, At this point, you can make a github issue as a feature request. We'll hold off making a PR until we have all the pieces and scope agreed on. You can also discuss these issues with me in a more real-time medium on our irc channel (esper.net) #oc
  12. payonel

    Preemptive multitasking and sysyield timeouts

    it's a limitation of eris (edit: that is to say, eris is incompatible with hooks)
  13. payonel

    Help understand programming touch screen and setting up gui.

    components send signals, and the screens send touch events. for more signal info read here: https://ocdoc.cil.li/component:signals and you should run `dmesg` on the command line shell, which prints all signals the machine is getting. it can be quite helpful
  14. payonel

    Preemptive multitasking and sysyield timeouts

    I appreciate the study you've put into this. You aren't alone; we also care deeply about these issues. The reason we don't do pre-emptive scheduling actually isn't due to yielding issues from the debug hook (as you've demonstrated) but because we can't persist the lua runtime state in a suspended debug hook. In other words, if the minecraft world chunk were to unload whilst we have a coroutine-in-a-suspended-debug-hook, then upon loading that lua state again (when the chunk loads again), we'd be forced to "stop" the machine. On the other hand, we definitely CAN persist when the root-level coroutine yields back to the machine (which is what you get when you call computer.pullSignal)

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