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      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.7.2 for MC 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)


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  1. Remote Robot

    I'd still recommend having OpenOS installed if possible, it adds alot to make robot API easier and allows robot to be used through terminal aswell.
  2. Navigation Virtual waypoint

    Navigation upgrade having the ability to magically share waypoints with eachother seems a bit weird, I like the idea of setting local waypoints that only the component itself can see but networked waypoints can be recreated with just a wireless card.
  3. Make robot use Sieve (Ex Nihilo Adscensio mod)

    I think fake player clicking was disabled on the regular sieve after the electric sieve was added to the mod. Isn't an electric sieve cheaper anyway?
  4. Computer controlled Elevator

    gpu.bind is exactly what you're looking for, it's first function in the docs http://ocdoc.cil.li/component:gpu I think you'll need to redraw the UI every time you bind though
  5. Microcontroller Capacitor power manager

    the first argument of computer.pullSignal is the max timeout. Use deadline - computer.uptime() instead of 0 and that should give a more desired output. The lua sleep function doesn't work because OpenComputers requires you to manually halt your code every.
  6. term.read() problems

    If you want it to work for all words/strings then use "1" instead of 1. In lua numbers and strings are not the same, ie 1 != "1". It seems that lua for some reason allows strings to be implicitly converted to numbers when using arithmetic operators(who do they think they are, JavaScript). So if your inputs aren't restricted to being numbers only then just compare with the number as a string(in quotes)
  7. what am i doing wrong?

    component.invoke(address, "setEnabled", true) Or component.proxy(address).setEnabled(true)
  8. what am i doing wrong?

    excavators.on isnt a function did you mean to use component.invoke/component.proxy
  9. thread question #2

    When you say the loop doesn't end do you mean it doesn't end immediately or it doesn't end after you press enter.
  10. where is the thread api

    Threads are added in 1.6.4, Nexarius seems to have made a very useful program that updates OpenOS even on lower modpack versions. https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/1261-openos-updater/
  11. Robot on top of the shoulder

    The thread containing info on applying is here although considering there is only 10 "entitled players" in over 2 years since the thread was posted (most being staff), I'd say it's pretty difficult to get. Ofcourse you could be evil and just add your name to the list in the code, but I never said that Anyway it would only be client side and only visible in F5 mode so nowhere near as cool as the real deal.
  12. Calculating energy needed for robot travel distance

    Weird the code doesn't show anything about being a variable cost, it seems to be fixed value defined in configs (15 by default)
  13. Redstone Bundle clearity

    The table containing bundled Colour values is colors. If using the lua prompt you can simply do conponent.redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.west, colors.green, 200) but if using a program you must require it. local colors = require("colors") local sides = require("sides") local rs = require("component").redstone rs.setBundledOutputsides.west, colors.green, 200)
  14. Easy item ids?

    NEI has some resource dumpers that you may want to check out, from what I can remember you can dump all items and all recipes into json/csv files.