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  1. Gorzoid

    Loop coding error

    Note this is why indenting is incredibly useful, if you correctly indented that code you would clearly see where you are missing an end
  2. Gorzoid

    Endergenic Generator Control Program

    Open computers is not fast enough to do per tick redstone signals on multiple sources. For the actual problem you have there, os.time returns minecraft seconds. It's a pretty useless metric about 0.28 ticks, I'm pretty sure the most tick accurate clock is computer.uptime() which is seconds since computer was started.
  3. Gorzoid

    attemp to index a nil value (local 'i')

    infoName isnt assigned, you forgot to call printInfos with a string, something like printInfos("stored")
  4. Gorzoid

    Variable in a path

    I would not recommend doing io.open():read() or write(), you are never closing the file so you can't guarantee the handle is released. Make a custom function to readall/writeall quickly if you need to. Also filesystem.concat might be better than just using "WH/db/"..LOC
  5. Gorzoid

    GPR registers

    Think you might be on the wrong forum dude?
  6. Gorzoid

    Remote Robot

    I'd still recommend having OpenOS installed if possible, it adds alot to make robot API easier and allows robot to be used through terminal aswell.
  7. Gorzoid

    Navigation Virtual waypoint

    Navigation upgrade having the ability to magically share waypoints with eachother seems a bit weird, I like the idea of setting local waypoints that only the component itself can see but networked waypoints can be recreated with just a wireless card.
  8. Gorzoid

    Make robot use Sieve (Ex Nihilo Adscensio mod)

    I think fake player clicking was disabled on the regular sieve after the electric sieve was added to the mod. Isn't an electric sieve cheaper anyway?
  9. Gorzoid

    Computer controlled Elevator

    gpu.bind is exactly what you're looking for, it's first function in the docs http://ocdoc.cil.li/component:gpu I think you'll need to redraw the UI every time you bind though
  10. Gorzoid

    Microcontroller Capacitor power manager

    the first argument of computer.pullSignal is the max timeout. Use deadline - computer.uptime() instead of 0 and that should give a more desired output. The lua sleep function doesn't work because OpenComputers requires you to manually halt your code every.
  11. Gorzoid

    term.read() problems

    If you want it to work for all words/strings then use "1" instead of 1. In lua numbers and strings are not the same, ie 1 != "1". It seems that lua for some reason allows strings to be implicitly converted to numbers when using arithmetic operators(who do they think they are, JavaScript). So if your inputs aren't restricted to being numbers only then just compare with the number as a string(in quotes)
  12. Gorzoid

    what am i doing wrong?

    component.invoke(address, "setEnabled", true) Or component.proxy(address).setEnabled(true)
  13. Gorzoid

    what am i doing wrong?

    excavators.on isnt a function did you mean to use component.invoke/component.proxy
  14. Gorzoid

    thread question #2

    When you say the loop doesn't end do you mean it doesn't end immediately or it doesn't end after you press enter.

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