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      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.7.2 for MC 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)


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  1. Drawing: Robot with slaves

    Oh, i cant find source file. Seems like i lost it in many other drawings.
  2. MagicaVoxel .vox converter for print3d

    Converter is updated! Fixed problem with new version of .vox files from MagicaVoxels 0.98 Added some small tips (red chunks cont if more then 24 for example) Please test and tell is everything working fine.
  3. Print multiple figures in one file

    Well, you was should to ask me directly. I had this problem of mass printing too, but then made temporary solution. I edited standard print3d.lua program and made it work with many printers printing many parts same time: https://github.com/Krutoy242/OpenComputers/blob/master/printAll.lua How to use Download it wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Krutoy242/OpenComputers/master/printAll.lua" printAll.lua You must use file with table like my converter do - each part separated by commas. So, your example is fine. Set any count of printers, connect them and don't forget to fuel up. I connected three printers with hoppers to chest. Lunch program and give converted table as second param, just like always. Also, you can add counts of copies, like in original one. Now, wait before all parts will be printed Hope this will be useful. Still, want to aware that this program is raw, have errors and problems.
  4. Building - OC Data-Center (screenshots)

    I glad you success! To rotate DC you should swap x and z coordinates of each "chunk". For example, change line 8 in printing program to this (not tested, maybe wrong): x1,x2,z1,z2 = z1,z2,x1,x2 Robots will build up this huge construction about week. There hundreds of thousands of blocks! But you can write an "Anthill AI" that can manage 100-200 simple drones to build this in day or so. Still, there is a huge amount of resources. To earn 0.1 million of coal blocks you need to dig up 6 400 chunks, or 1300x1300 field of MC world. You must construct giant "world-eater" harvester =) When we use my DC, we occupied only about 20-30 of available points during 2 months of playing. There was several test computers, servers for providing Internet by wireless modem, stress tests computers, wireless points, linked card array servers, printing docks and many other things. So, 64 points for computers should fulfill all our programmer desires. Sadly, that from 50-100 of server players, only 5-10 was interested to programming. Before making DC i had tiny shed with 8 computers. When there was no more space i was thought "hmmmm, what if i slightly enlarge my shed...". That is how things started =)
  5. Building - OC Data-Center (screenshots)

    Thank you! Please read closely first message of this topic, it have all answers. 1) See totorial here 2) Turn it with this converter. MC will need text generated by converter 3) With tier3 OC computer and debug card and this program. 4) They come from nowhere 5) Debug card give you access to admin commands for filling territory with blocks.
  6. MagicaVoxel .vox converter for print3d

    Please show me model that you try to convert (upload to dropbox please).
  7. Building - OC Data-Center (screenshots)

    Cool! I will use some code from here. But... This is useful only for one building. What i will do when make new model in MagicaVoxel?
  8. Building - OC Data-Center (screenshots)

    Oh, im glad you succes and my program was useful. There is bug with standart palette in my converter. Simpliest way to avoid it - add custom color in standart MagicaVoxel's palette. This will force MV to rewrite whole palette in file, and it will work fine. Thx for flipping report, i will fix it when update my converter. Sorry, we already whipe out our world, and losed all buildings. But i still have source voxel files and converted tables. If you talkind about "the lab", there is vox and converted table. Also, i would be very glad, if you will find a way to determine how monitors or other items should be rotated, or share your way to do this. I was think, that i can use different colors for each direction for rotateable blocks, and then, i can writedown right in converter angle. For example, something like mc:id, 0, 2 Where i write down id, meta, and world align. After, building program can fill this chunk of blicks, and then rotate each of them. But this is bad way, because you will spend too much time to manually write all directions.
  9. Building - OC Data-Center (screenshots)

    Oh, you did it and build my DataCenter? 4229 is IC:E metal fence, if i remember. You can see it on screenshots.
  10. Building - OC Data-Center (screenshots)

    As i understand, some block IDs are generated when server created. So, this is OC blicks, like, monitors and server racks.
  11. MagicaVoxel .vox converter for print3d

    Can you show example of model and result that required better algorithm? Sometimes, my algorithm define 1-3 more chunks then human can do. But in most cases it works 100% effectively.
  12. MagicaVoxel .vox converter for print3d

    Try attached offline version then. MagicaVoxel .vox to OpenComputers print3d converter.html
  13. 3D Printer Model designer (.3dm exporter)

    Very nice! It will be very userful, no doubdt. Also, maybe we should merge our utilities in one?
  14. Selene [Better Than Minecon]

    As i know, Selene is Lua library Vexatos made for "more convenient functional programming". https://github.com/OpenPrograms/Vexatos-Programs/tree/master/selene
  15. I playing on largest Russian whitelisted server, focused on OpenComputer mod. We required new house with computers and communications. It need to be spacious and in sci-fi style. First, i found inspirations on deviant art. There was hight-tetch laboratories, futuristic buildings and other stuff. Then, i decided make new building in black + blue and orange colors. I took MagicaVoxels and made this voxel model: After, i wrote small script on JS, that converts .vox models to Lua-friendly table. I used debug-card (while admin oversee me) and small program, that printed our data-center in right place. Construction process: Then i again take MagicaVoxel with my other converter, slightly modified print3d.lua for mass printing, and made tonns of 6 types iluminators, decorating our building. And. this what i got. There is place for 64 computers, private rooms for programmers and basement for sever system: Also, we build small lab for newbies, who want to live in Data-Center: Working servers with network programs, like my own internet provider by wireless modem. Also, you can always see Data-Center right on online map. Welcome!