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  2. i didn't understood? Ok thanks you.
  3. Today
  4. There are quite a few games, but their do not post them on this forum. For example: simple RPG Or flappy bird
  5. thanks now it works after adding _ befor message
  6. Thanks for the reply, some days after asking the question i also found out that no, that's why for absolutely no reason at all i started OCCity to change this.
  7. Yesterday
  8. The issue is with your variables returned by event.pull. the 6th rturn value is the message. You're assignment for message is the fifth which is actually distance which will always be 1 from a wired modem.
  9. i have made some code to play around with the modem stuff but for some reason the modem_message event always returns 0 also im am running one of the scripts on a microcontroller and i am running minecraft version 1.7.10 code of the microcontroller: local rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) local modem = component.proxy(component.list(modem)()) local identity = 1 a ={} d = "id:" f = tostring(identity) a[1] = d a[2] = f modem.broadcast(1234, "id:1 is online") while true do computer.pullSignal(0.5) end code of the not microcontroller: local component = require('component') local event = require('event') local modem = component.modem modem.open(1234) while true do local _, _, from, port, message = event.pull("modem_message") print(message) os.sleep(0.1) end obviously both are connected with wires and the file with the modem.open is executed befor starting the microcontroller
  10. Maybe add support for Tinkers' Construct Tanks? They can hold multiple fluids, so you'll need a mod I wrote to get them.
  11. Here is a fixed version along with some notes: local event = require("event") --< event library needs to be requested. local component = require("component") --< same for component local lift = component.lift while true do local e = event.pull("motion") --< Don't use system reserved variable names for your own. if (e == "motion") then --< This event is never false, as the 'event.pull()' is filtered => the upper action will alwayus run. lift.callFloor(2) else --< Cant be 'elseif', would need a conditon to test os.run(elevatormotionmanipulation) end end -- <= these things are comments, they are used to explain what code does, without affecting its execution, they can be removed without issues.
  12. Well, it like always says then is required near end Also i'm playing in 1.12.2
  13. @GabelaGarlaSrl What is the error? Can't help if we don't know the problem.
  14. Last week
  15. The mod is not even yet updated for forge 1.13.X, so a version for 1.14 will maybe be in months or even year, since 1.12 and 1.13 have lot of technical changes. However i'm not a official developer of OpenComputers, so that's just guessings.
  16. So i was working on a a script that is supposed to make an one way elevator with thut's elevators and opencomputers, but the script errors I want to know what is the problem NOTE: I'm new to opencomputers
  17. 1.14 is out. What are the plans for this mod (assuming that Forge is updated in a timely manner)?
  18. payonel

    How to move text?

    you first move the cursor to the location you want, then you print local term = require("term") term.setCursor(x, y) term.write("foobar")
  19. adamzach

    How to move text?

    Hi guys, can I somehow position text (for example text generated by print) on the screen? Move it into the bottom right corner, or any position on the screen.
  20. Shout out to ba7888b72413a16a for their PR that significantly improves network performance on larger networks with routers, check out the before and after videos. Other stuff is coming soon(TM), so watch this space I guess.
  21. I am using the latest build from the CI server (ci.cil.li), which has this fix.
  22. It is the only thing that allowed my screens to update without being right clicked on. I removed and reinstalled OpenComputers and the issue was not resolved. I updated OpenOS on an existing computer that was already set up but it crashed the (in-game) computer. I had to update a fresh install of OpenOS on an empty drive and then reinstall BRGC. That the OpenOS that ships with the current version of OpenComputers must not be the latest OpenOS is the only thing I can think to explain the resolution and that the updated version of OpenOS that the updater installs fixes the issue. But you cannot update your existing install of BRGC or the (in-game) computer will crash. So... 1) Install OpenOS on a fresh or erased drive. 2) Download and run the Updater on that link I shared. 3) Download and run the BRGC installer. 4) Profit. Maybe I just like doing things the hard way or I didn't do something right but this method worked for me. I am only sharing my findings. :-)
  23. Hi I ran into the problem showing up here: I made a issue suggestion report here explaining the problem. But due to the mod being focused more to later versions of Minecraft it might be better to make an addon instead. I haven't modded Minecraft that much and simply only made a few mods to create items and items in use with Baubles API. But I kind of got stuck right away when adding a new module: ModuleFacade.java package net.simon.tiscovers.items; import li.cil.tis3d.api.machine.Casing; import li.cil.tis3d.api.machine.Face; import li.cil.tis3d.api.machine.Port; import li.cil.tis3d.api.util.RenderUtil; import li.cil.tis3d.client.renderer.TextureLoader; import li.cil.tis3d.common.module.ModuleDisplay; import net.minecraft.client.renderer.GlStateManager; import net.minecraft.entity.player.EntityPlayer; import net.minecraft.item.ItemStack; import net.minecraft.util.EnumHand; import net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.Side; import net.minecraftforge.fml.relauncher.SideOnly; public class ModuleCover extends ModuleDisplay { private Casing casing; private Face face; public ModuleCover(Casing casing, Face face) { super(casing, face); } @Override public Casing getCasing() { return this.casing; } @Override public Face getFace() { return this.face; } @Override public void onInstalled(ItemStack itemStack) { } @Override public void onUninstalled(ItemStack itemStack) { } @Override public void onEnabled() { } @Override public void onDisabled() { } @Override public void onDisposed() { } @Override public boolean onActivate(EntityPlayer player, EnumHand hand, float x,float y,float z) { if (player.isSneaking()) { return false; } // Reasoning: don't remove module from casing while activating the // module while the casing is disabled. Could be frustrating. if (!getCasing().isEnabled()) { return true; } return true; } @Override public void step() { } @Override public void onBeforeWriteComplete(final Port port) { // No need to clear other writing pipes because we're outputting random // values anyway, so yey. // Start writing again right away to write as fast as possible. } @Override public void onWriteComplete(final Port port) { // No need to clear other writing pipes because we're outputting random // values anyway, so yey. // Start writing again right away to write as fast as possible. } @SideOnly(Side.CLIENT) @Override public void render(final boolean enabled, final float partialTicks) { if (!enabled) { return; } RenderUtil.ignoreLighting(); GlStateManager.enableBlend(); RenderUtil.drawQuad(RenderUtil.getSprite(TextureLoader.LOCATION_OVERLAY_MODULE_RANDOM)); GlStateManager.disableBlend(); } } Some help is greatly appreciated. For the time being, I simply want the mod to compile and adding the new module.
  24. So, if I understand correctly, the tool applies a hotfix to the recursion issue? One that is not covered in the current version of OpenComputers?
  25. No you have to run that tool. The tool downloads the latest openOS files from github. Installing your pc with the floppy disk again just updates you to the files the currenly installed mod-version ships, which still contains the regression.
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