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    • Lizzy Trickster

      Latest Stable OpenComputers Version   11/26/16

      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.7 for MC 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.1. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)

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  2. Zetta Industries RF meter monitor program

    I don't know exactly what it is you want, so correct me if I'm wrong. You want a program that can do the following (Please correct if I am wrong or missed something): 1) Show all information about an RF meter 2) Enable or disable the RF meter's output Now, I don't know exactly how to save the addresses of each meter, and a graphical interface is beyond my capabilities, but I can make a program that can enable, disable and show the energy readings on meters. When I get more proficient in Lua, I'll post an update that highlights (And shows in a different colour for visibility) but for now, I hope you have a book and quill on you. I'll get coding right away, I can hopefully be done by the Monday, 27th November.
  3. Getting tier of component

    Is there currently a way of getting the tier of a component?
  4. Sending PUT and DELETE requests [Solved]

    Thank you, it worked! I will probably create a modified version of OC's HTTPRequest later on because of the huge delay since it's for an interface, but definitely a great help, thanks again.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Quick results: Computronics uses an Environment with @Callback public static class OCDriver extends DriverSidedTileEntity { public static class InternalManagedEnvironment extends ManagedEnvironmentOCTile<TileCapBank> { @Callback(doc = "function():number; Returns the average storage input per tick") public Object[] getAverageInputPerTick(Context c, Arguments a) { return DriverCapacitorBank.getAverageInputPerTick(tile); } And Mekanism does not. Mekanism implements the "IComputerIntegration" Interface. So its "invoke" function gets called and....done. Now I also checked DE myself and...yeah - it does things pretty similar to how mekanism does it - it's wrapped up a LOT nicer tough. EDIT: Yeahyeah - IComputerIntegration is a mekanism-specific interface
  7. StattenOS - Base control system

    Can't install StattenOS on my PC. Every time I try to run Installer, I get "Unrecoverable error edit:24: attempt to index a nil value (field 'stderr') Files are in root, CPU is set to Lua 5.3.
  8. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Hi @ZeroNoRyouki Thanks for showing up. Good to know you're taking this serious. I mean it. Thanks. I'll also try to poke around a bit. Though I'm not really familiar with the OC internals ^^; Knowing it's not your code but something in between is also really valuable information. I'll look into computronics code and see if they're also using OC Environment + @Callbacks and if Mekanism does something similar to DE. If so - that should reinforce your hunch.
  9. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Hi there! So, I've run the "test" program in my 1.10.2 devenv and got the same bunch of 1s. I then changed getEnergyStored() to always return a fixed values without querying the reactor and tested again: same result. This is good, as it's not the reactor code that it's slowing thigs down What I basically have, code wise, is an OC'Enviroment with a bunch of @Callbacks (getEnergyStored, getFuelAmount, etc). DE also implement an Enviroment but it use a string lookup (from ManagedPeripheral) to call the methods. If OC is using reflection to find the correct method on every method invocation we could have and explanation of the delay. I'll have to look around a bit more in OC code Z
  10. Sending PUT and DELETE requests [Solved]

    The internet card's request method doesn't allow to set a custom request method. No mod adds such feature, either. Though if you can't avoid the need to use methods different from GET and POST, there's a rough implementation of HTTP/1.1 I've written in Lua to test my TLS library. It may easily fail for some unusual responses (I didn't really test it much specifically), and is slow (like, really really slow) in comparsion to the internet card's built-in HTTP request method. Also, it lacks support for HTTP/2, obviously, which is the protocol that many websites start gradually switching to. So hacking your way around could be better than using this library, perhaps, unless you know what you're doing. But you can consider it an option if you just want to make a small request to some specific host that doesn't return huge responses.
  11. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Unfortunately, this is not correct. Running the controller in larger intervals would devastate its ability to keep the reactor output leveled. For smaller to medium sized passive reactors this wouldn't really be an issue. Active reactors however would constantly overproduce steam - then get their output cut and underproduce steam. Something similar would happen to larger passive reactors. My point was that in the past you could run BRGC litterally every tick with no additional lag introduced by outside factors whatsoever I've run my test program (last post) against turbines and they have the same issue, unfortunately. They require a lot less API calls to control though (BRGC sets each fuel rod individually to achieve finer grained control over the output capabilities). Recap: Reactors + Turbines are affected. ER is not the only mod with this behavior (-> computronics) There are mods without this behavior (-> draconic evolution, mekanism) We have a very small program to check on ... lets call it: API call latency The issue has been observed on 1.10.2 at least (I've not yet tested 1.12) This is pretty much everything we can do without diving into the mods code and comparing how the OC API is implemented here vs DE or mekanism to figure out what's going on. If this goes on for a bit longer I might end up doing that this weekend.
  12. Big Reactors Grid Control

    So if I get this correctly this could be avoided, by running the function that is working with reactor in larger intervals? Meaning that it would be slower but not completely ruin OC PC. At the same moment what is mystery for me, is that turbines works fine, it is only reactor that is affected. As soon as we get some evidence here I will post it back to git. Also I'm going go test 'the other program' and report the results here.
  13. Last week
  14. Big Reactors Grid Control

    @Tahak Thanks for the github issue. Unfortunately, I don't have a github account so I can't answer there. Now I don't want to do any finger pointing either. However, you can see the computer yield by writing a program as small as this: local component = require("component") local computer = require("computer") local myTestComponent = component.br_reactor for i = 0, 10 do local ts1 = computer.uptime() myTestComponent.getEnergyStored() local ts2 = computer.uptime() print(string.format("%1.0f", (ts2 - ts1) * 20)) os.sleep(0.05) end This program will run for 10 11 iterations, calling "getEnergyStored()" and calculate the number of ticks it took to process the call. If you execute the program with a reactor connected, this will print you a bunch of 1s. If you connect a ... lets say... draconic orb and used local myTestComponent = component.draconic_rf_storage instead, you will get a bunch of 0s. Same for the mekanism induction matrix btw. Now I DID notice the same 1 tick cost when accessing components via computronics (ender io capacitor bank), so I suspected this to be an OpenComputers issue at first - but since i got at least two other mods running just fine....this can't be the (whole) issue, can it? Also, removing computronics doesn't change this behavior. As for "other programs run fine". I do believe that. Any program that has a slow cycle time would (a) not cause so much noticable lag and (b) won't be affected by the caused lag (much). That being said, I haven't tested the mentioned program but given the really minimal example above I'm pretty sure it still causes lag / issues, which just aren't as noticable as with BRGC and its "insane" cycle time of running every 10 ticks. As a side note: I had BRGC run on every other tick for fun during development on 1.7.10 . Worked fine but the controller took too much cpu time from the GUI... and anything else for that matter.
  15. Is there any way to send PUT and DELETE requests, or any mods that add this functionality?
  16. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Hey @XyFreak So after few days I posted issue about this problem to EX github. Well, you can read about it there, much faster than Twitter. Hope this get sorted out and it won't be one of those cases of finger pointing. https://github.com/ZeroNoRyouki/BigReactors/issues/146
  17. New ultimate Gui

    Using this would be far easier than making my own just to run simple programs! This is very intriguing, I will take a look at it when I finish my current project, a clever Window Management system for Open Computers would be some help on the user side of things!
  18. File extensions?

    LiEwYe is correct on this one, you would have to modify, or create, a new shell for OpenOS. If you were trying to prevent modification, that would have to be done by editing the "edit" function in /bin. As far as colour for file extensions goes, I believe that is define in /home/.shrc.
  19. New ultimate Gui

    O_O Wow, this is far and away a big step forward from the old api. And the window manager you've put together is essentially a rather functional shell to go over openos. Especially with that terminal window you got there. I'll definitely have to dig around in this and learn how it works. Such awesomeness happened while I was taking a break from minecraft stuff.
  20. Nanomachines, son. Control them, don't let them control you. :D

    Nano machines are very lucksack on what abilities you can get. But it sounds like you might have too quickly activated/deactivated a flag. since the nanos can only accept one commands every second or two. One of your flags may have appeared as off in the program, but actually have still been on. By default the safe number of On flags, is 2. if you have 3 on, even if none of the flags actually have an effect, you will take damage. I fired up my program on an updated install, and still works fine for me. Give it a second or so between changing flags, I'm pretty derp when it comes to coding in lua, and while I can do some things, this program is very poorly optimized. And there really isn't any built in failsafe to check if a command went through properly or not. reinstall nano's and try again. I lucked out on my second use of nanos and basically became invincible.
  21. File extensions?

    lua is the only file extension (afaik) known to OpenOS, not OC. If you write your own shell for OpenOS (or your own operating system), you can define for those how to interprete certain file extensions.
  22. Working Web Browser

    Maybe something like ELinks https://packages.debian.org/stretch/elinks might be interesting. Not sure if i have the time to implement something like this tho.
  23. IC2 reactor status

    thank you very much, I will try
  24. Hey. So, I'm not entirely sure what the problem you're seeing is (I can't replicate it here), but I have since set up a somewhat easier way to get ahold of the program. If you set up OPPM, and run 'oppm install gist', then run the command `gist ed3e276ad33184a97d45ae908926ba5c ksi.lua`, you'll download a utility program of mine. Run the program, and it will guide you through setting up an autorun disk that can be used to install various programs (okay, only two at the moment..) onto your computers, even without an internet card.
  25. Well: As computer, I use T3 with maxed-out components, Lua 5.3, T3 monitor and raid. As for installation, I just copied all files into 10min pastebin because I can pastebin but don't know how to github to OC computer, pastebined them to /home and tried to run autorun.lua
  26. @godsyn What MC version? Currently the only OC version with AE2 support is for 1.10.2. It hasn't been updated to newer versions yet.
  27. OC port of Sidoh's CC AE2 Stockpile Program

    @godsyn Did you download the files under the stockpile directory and put them in /lib/stockpile? Those are required as well. When I get my computer back I am going to write an install script for this. I also have a few uncommited changes there, along with some initial work on a Refined Storage version.
  28. OC port of Sidoh's CC AE2 Stockpile Program

    I'll take a look, but my main computer is broken right now (bad power socket) and is in for repair, so I likely won't be able to do anything for a bit.
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