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      Latest Stable OpenComputers Version   11/26/16

      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.6.1 for MC 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4 & 1.10.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)

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  3. Please note that this API is still incomplete, I still have to implement the following: Filesystem API More events If you saw any bugs or wanted to suggest something, both the GitHub issues and the reply section is an OK place. GitHub Repo: https://github.com/Admicos/coolkit API Documentation: https://admicos.github.io/coolkit/ Downloads: pastebin get KsuCzk10 coolkit.lua (If you remove the last line and minify the code, you can embed it into your programs) oppm install coolkit
  4. Yesterday
  5. Hi, i play on OhGamings organised crime 4 which has opencomputers. I would like a program for a drone to harvest a cocaine plant, which is 3 blocks tall, and i would want it to harvest it from the 2nd block and then have it collect the items and put it in a chest or something. But i only want it to break the 2nd block of the plant when it reaches atleast 3 blocks tall, i have no coding experience and i have no clue how to code. I do not want to code or learn, ive tried and failed. This is just a request, but if you can i will love you forever. Thanks
  6. Last week
  7. I see that occross can build the compiler for OC-ARM Little-Endian too. Does the mod actually support switching endianness and Little-Endian binaries? I have a project that I simply cannot get to compile as Big-Endian, as I cannot figure out which linker script stays still armel after reconfiguring everything I found as armeb
  8. do you have an offline version of your converter?? can't exactly drop images on a phone... trying to make an image for my MineOS desktop bg :P




  9. Hello, I've changed maxClipboard from 1024 to 16384 in settings.conf but it doesn't let me paste more? I found a settings.conf file in both client and server folders, so I changed it both. Any ideas?
  10. In eeprom code the component table is never removed from global table so it's fine to use, and his original code should work on a microcontroller since he doesn't use any of the component api additions added by openos.
  11. The OpenNet: Internet like simulation in Minecraft REQUIRES WIRELESS NETWORK CARD Not tested with wired network card This is very WIP, but it still works well for what it does. The OpenNet requires one computer to be running at all times as DNS. This allows for DNS lookup and not having to type things like "af4c71b5-c3be-4da1-b595-4d0afd40359d" to go to a page. It also requires a computer to be running all the time for each web server. The client and web server need to know the DNS server's address, so if this is implemented on a server, it is best to have one central DNS server. Downloads: DNS Server pastebin get 1pp05ryR opennet-dns.lua OpenNet Web Server (configure dns network card address inside file) pastebin get PRTmhN1a opennet-server.lua OpenNet Web Browser (configure dns network card address inside file) pastebin get jMNz5Bej OpenNet.lua Screenshots: OpenNet DNS OpenNet Server: OpenNet Client: ONML: ONML (OpenNet Markup Language) is a simple web page language (not many features yet) that allows you to change the background and foreground color of the site. The colors are cleared after displaying them. To change the color of text, prefix the color with one of these colors (use three letter name): "RED", "ORA"(orange), "YEL"(yellow),"GRE"(green),"BLU"(blue),"PUR"(purple),"WHI"(white),"BLA"(black) To change the color of the background, type "BACK <COLOR NAME>". <COLOR NAME> is one of the colors shown above (use three letter name) Example ONML file: BACK RED WHI The OpenNet: Internet for OpenComputers YEL The OpenNet is an open source wireless communication system made with Lua for OpenComputers. WHI It includes a 8 color (red "RED", orange "ORA", yellow "YEL", green "GRE", blue "BLU", purple "PUR", white "WHI". black "BLA") foreground and background system, along with things similar to DNS Demonstration of the shown ONML file: Roadmap (in no order): Real Internet ONML ONML links/interaction More pages than just the main page
  12. Hi guys, it's time for a status update. Obviously I didn't manage to get everything ready within the timeframe I hoped to do it. So instead I'll post a quick status update. I'm done refactoring BRGC. BRGC is now caching and calculating a lot more in advance. The caching allowed me to eliminate a LOT of API calls into Big Reactors/Extreme Reactors which should lower the overall load of your actual game server a bit. While this shouldn't matter in practice (it's not like it had any noticable impact to begin with) I'm hoping that this will stop triggering those server crash bugs. Anyways... the code is a bit nicer now and easier for me to work with/extend. The grid controller for when you have capacitors attached is about half way done (maybe more). It already works perfectly fine if you don't consume more energy than you can produce at your optimal max. This includes running turbines and passive reactors simultaneously. Turbines are always prefered to passive reactors. So here's what's left: Balance the "overload" in case you need more energy than you can produce at optimal levels (LOAD) Figure out a good way to decide when to switch over to LOAD mode. I'm currently considering a dynamic threshold based on how much more RF/t you're consuming in relation to how much you can produce at an absolute max. More on that later. Write a small GUI for the grid controller itself (It'll be a widget like what I did for the reactors/turbines) Finally have the GUI automatically refresh its components. Right now you need to restart the GUI for additional turbines/reactors to show up. If you're not interested in the ideas and are just here for the status update, you can skip to the end of the post now Now regarding the LOAD mode switch ideas. The main idea behind energy storage is to buffer energy when you don't need much of it and to provide energy when you need more than you can provide. BRGC takes this one step further and tries to optimize your energy production at all times so it is as efficient as possible at any given time while providing enough power for whatever you want to power with it. If this means your reactors have to run inefficiently in order to generate enough power, then that's what it's going to make your reactors do. This is perfectly fine if you don't have (a lot of) energy storage because you're most likely going to run out of power very quickly if your reactor is not producing enough energy. This may not be fine if you have a large energy storage which can buffer extreme energy needs over a short or even extended period of time (e.g. you're creating a new RFTools World with large draconium ore spheres). So I've got to figure out a way to decide when it is ok for BRGC to abandon efficiency in order to make sure your energy grid stays saturated when more energy is required than your grid can generate efficiently / generate at all. The simplest idea is: Choose a threshold. If energy falls below that point, start generating more energy. This is what BRGC does right now with passive reactors in AUTO mode. If more energy is required than the reactor can provide efficiently and if the internal storage falls below 50% it will start squeezing more power out of the reactor at the cost of efficiency. I never felt that this solution is very satisfying and it's really bad when you add larger storage. If you have 1TRF energy stored and you're consuming 10kRF/t more than you can produce, having the reactors run inefficiently is a waste of fuel. However if you only have 10 MRF storage, then 50% might be way too low. Having the user set this value means that there is manual configuration required which I want to avoid at all cost (it needs to be Plug&Play). Idea 1: Use a percentage based thershold based on how much more energy is consumed than can be generated. E.g.: Threshold = 0.0001 * more energy consumed then generated. This is really easy to implement and automatically adapt to whatever setup you have. It does require a lot of experimentation though. Idea 2: This is a refinement of Idea 1. Calculate how long the energy storage is going to last at the current energy consumption. If the energy storage is going to be depleted within an hour (real time) then produce more energy. Both of this ideas are easy to implement but have the disadvantage that they can (and will) overreact pretty easily when large power spikes occur. Idea 3: Use idea 2. Instead of using the current power consumption, use a weighted average that is only slowly approaching the current value. This will prevent the controller from overreacting when it's not neccessary but it will also prevent it from doing so when it is neccessary. Idea 4: Use idea 3 but make the weight based on how much energy (percentage based) is left in storage. This will prevent overreactions when the storage is full and may allow it when storage is empty. If you're still reading this ( ) then please let me know what you think and what you want to see implemented. I've got some time off from work at the end of this month/start of the next month so I'll be getting things done then for sure. -XyFreak
  13. Screenshots would be nice. A suggestion would be to modify the case and screen models. Btw what you mean "acid colour"
  14. Thank you so much. It worked. Also, thanks for the quick answer.
  15. For a computer you have to do local component = require("component") In the lua interpreter you don't have to require stuff like you do in scripts For a microcontroller... well you don't get require there so you'll have to do it lower level and I'm not sure how that works
  16. I was trying to make a computer program to control a BigReactor turbine (I'll use a microcontroller after I figure this out). I know that the computer port acts as a component, so first of all, to increase the convenience of access of the computer port, I wrote local turbine = component.proxy(component.get("5e7")) That was the very first line of the program; 5e7 is the shortened address of the computer port. There is a bunch more code at the bottom that does the actual regulating, but when I run the program, it spits out this error message: /home/turbine_control:1: attempt to index global 'component' (a nil value): stack traceback: /home/turbine_control:1: in main chunk: (...tail calls...) [C]: in function 'xpcall' machine:751: in function 'xpcall' /lib/process.lua:94: in function </lib/process.lua:90> Greatly confused, I read the message. I interpreted it as in line one of my program, turbine_control, I am accessing the undefined variable 'component'. I don't know what this completely means, and I even checked the process.lua function and coming out with no idea what was going on. I can call the function in the interactive lua prompt with no problem, but in a program, it doesn't let me. What's going on, and how can I fix this?
  17. Update to 1.4 - increase max amount of liquids from 32 to 64 - dynamically change width of the bars - decrease update frequency with low tps (this thing) - added colors for lots of new liquids (especially gregtech liquids) I changed the picture from my first post to a gif thats cycling through 8 pictures so you can better see how it works.
  18. I have a similar problem :/ I join the picture with the problem. My LUA is run on 5.2 so I don't understand :/ PS: Sorry for my English ^^
  19. Earlier
  20. You found a realy good method to measure the tps I've tested it now on a server during a 5-10tps time and it showed the tps very acurately The next step is now to include it in other programs and change the update time depending on tps. For that I've already modified your program. I removed all the fancy tps displaying stuff. You can see the program here and with "pastebin run -f ZbxDmMeC" it will automatically download it into /lib/tps.lua
  21. Hello, I made an OpenComputers setup and I turn it on and I get a no energy error. We try placing a Creative AE2 Cell and it still says the same error! Thanks!
  22. I'm unsure of its accuracy. Unfortunately, I have not had access to enough servers to do the accuracy tests under various load conditions. The testing method used was TNT detonation; A large sum of TNT (>50k) was detonated, this caused a slow down to 1-2 TPS, from the servers nominal 20 TPS, which the monitor did correctly estimate. The huge slow down from TNT proved the code worked, but was unable to provide more controlled scenarios. Additional tests are needed for a consistent load where the server runs at 5-10, 10-15, and 15-20 TPS. If you know of any servers that may work, I would love to come and test the code further. Either way, I hope the scripts helped you accomplish your project. ~A_Tasty_Peanut
  23. How acurate is it? It might be pretty useful to include it in other programs because you could let them check tps and update more frequently with 20tps.
  24. hello and welcome I'm creating a resource pack for OpenComputers that named"ModernComputers" For now it has nothing special really (just computer case and acid color changed :l ) but it will get better in future...... have any ideas and want it to get included in "ModernComputers"? just post it here ModernComputers.rar
  25. Hi just wanted to know how can I get rid of my account here, I am not using it anyway? Thanks
  26. Love it!
  27. Like this drawing. Do you have it in a higher resolution (1920x1280)?
  28. Is it posible to have a picture on the screen? So I only have to put a link it it.
  29. Hi !, Glad to see that my software is useful
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