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    • Lizzy Trickster

      Latest Stable OpenComputers Version   11/26/16

      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.6.1 for MC 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4 & 1.10.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)

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  1. Today
  2. Found a little error in the printserver driver. Have uploaded a new zip archive with correct version. If you don't want to test it your self, watch this video.
  3. Yesterday
  4. Thanks for your fast reply, i gonna look through this files and play around with them. I will wait patiently, for new updates for the documentary and API. In my opinion, its just crazy good what you have made here. I hope you can keep going with this API, otherwise it would be a huge lost. But take your time with it.
  5. And the documentation is also not up to date and i am busy, 2 pregnant horses outside (one is nearly finished) and a lot of work on the visual editor and...and...WHAT THE F****?!?! I need much more time.
  6. At the moment i am working on the gui, to get it faster in screen redraw and background buffering. I've packed my full working environment into an archive. http://carr-ireland.com/mc/all.zip Unzip it to the home directory of the oc computer and start test.lua. There are 2 frame work files. program_frame.lua is how to make a program. plugin_framework.lua is for making a symbol program. In test.lua you can see, how to insert them. After first start of test.lua open the user manager and add your self as user. Then delete line 31 ( wm.setUserName("") ) and uncomment user.login() in line 30 and restart the computer and the test.lua to get the multiuser environment running. Exit is not working at the moment, but i fix this after getting other things done. Before i forget. There's a bug in the print manager. Don't remove a printer, after add one. Close and restart the print manager first. Sometimes it hangs. And you need a modem in the computer.
  7. Nice work, i'm currently try to work with this. apperently i struggle a bit. Would it be posible that you upload you source code (Of the programs in the screenshots) to github? I would like to work with the start menu, but it seem that i can't start any program with it. It would be nice to see the source codes of your made programs, so i can look through it and maybe i can finde my mistake. I'm realy looking forward to make some nice programs with this gui. Keep up this great work.
  8. Last week
  9. Ok - again for everyone here. BRGC does NOT work with your CPU set to Lua 5.3 right now. I have to at least change all my string.format uses throught the entire code for that to work. So unless I release an update: Do not attempt to use Lua 5.3 if you want to use the GUI. The controller itself works perfectly fine on 5.3 though.
  10. Sure, I'll shoot you a PM with the server IP. So he came and fixed it like a magician. If anyone else has the same issue, take out your CPU and shift right-click it!
  11. The good news is: The controller itself seems to be working. The bad news is: While I know WHAT is happening (thanks to your big screenshot of the libGUI error), I don't know WHY. Essentially the rate with which RF is extracted from your reactor is calculated to be NAN. Of course getting NAN is simple: divide zero by zero, divide by infinity or use NAN in a calculation. And yes, there is a division in there somewhere but that one can't devide by zero. I made sure of it. The only numbers I get which are not under my control are the ones from extreme reactors. And I'll just assume those are not NAN as well So yeah.... I also just double checked in my test world that your setup should not be an issue at all. I kinda hate using this answer as a solution for everything lately, but: Is there a way for me to check this issue in person? Like: a world file or a server?
  12. Running Minecraft 1.10.2 with the FTB Beyond back. OpenComputers Extreme Reactors Computer case: https://gyazo.com/a1e5a6cdf635a306bda184f54eea6222 Computer/Monitor Setup: https://gyazo.com/b66af35bb00e2dfefea348eba35e07f2 Reactor Computer Port: https://gyazo.com/0eb42aaad34ec102fc5ed7ceeeb05bea The reactor itself is a 5x5 passive with 5 fuel rods. The runonce command didn't do anything that I could see. https://gyazo.com/d9daa93ca8c411f8eec1c2ca4647424d The program definitely runs properly the gui just seems to have issues updating. I am also playing on a server if that makes any difference, though it has low population. (4-5 people at peak)
  13. @Humpledink This looks like either a nil value is stuck somewhere. I need some more info here: What version of minecraft are you running? What does your setup look like? Also can you try to run brgcctrl service reactor runOnce and if that errors out please post the message? Thanks.
  14. Wow! That is COOL!
  15. Having an issue with using the GUI. Whenever I try to open the configuration part for the reactor I just get a blank black screen. https://gyazo.com/94cb14e48ac2038b76b021c432e27586 Then, when/if it finally shows up (sometimes I have to wait, sometimes I have to spam click the button and the majority of the time it just doesn't work) the current power generation/fuel usage doesn't update: https://gyazo.com/50c02e7b827b230c3bc0baa859b51525 https://gyazo.com/a5ef94cb8b39fa31e71a60a56ccd0f0b Any idea what could be causing these issues? I'm a complete noob. What I have tried: Completely wiping the harddrive and reinstalling OpenOS+BRGC Reinstalling BRGC Replacing the Computer port on the reactor Picking up and moving the Computer (was originally directly placed onto the Computer port) Changing the size of the monitor At first, it was working fine, then after some time this started happening, though it does still control the reactor, so it's probably just an issue with the GUI. I also sometimes get this error when attempting to exit the GUI https://gyazo.com/629247267245e8ee707c9dab0899a8f5 Which I'm assuming is pointing to UpdateInfo/onDraw, but I'm a complete novice when it comes to lua or coding in general.
  16. I think, i am getting crazy. Worked a bit on the gui system. It will come much easier to make (let's call them) programs for it. The gui it self is a multi user windows system with driver integration and some nice features. But still can be used as stand alone windows based gui. Multi user driver working to register user to the computer and the gui with differend level. Printer management for openprinter with print queue. Start menu. Just make you gui based programs and add them to the menu. Network driver with own messaging system Drivers will be registered to the gui. Use only, what you need. Or use it just as a simple gui, with no driver, no start menu and no managment programs.
  17. oetf

    And me again. I take also port 148 for internal usage of my gui, that is more and more getting a managed window system and port 4662 for short messages. Think, that i will need more, as longer i am coding on the gui
  18. This normally happens when the file thats trying to be run is empty, happened to me a couple of times earlier with a different program as the files weren't downloading from pastebin. Try redownloading the installer as @XyFreak said.
  19. @mcshadowdrag I've never seen this kind of issue before. Maybe try to reinstall OpenOS? You can redownload the installer by doing rm /home/brgc_installer.lua and then wget it again.
  20. Big Reactors Grid Control Version 4.2.4 has been released! Changelogs: - Fixed a bug that caused the grid controller to crash if more than one passive reactor is connected - Fixed a bug where the turbine controller would include disabled/suspended turbines steam input in the total steam requirements.
  21. Neat!
  22. Hey, thanks for your help and the 2nd screen tip. I was really thinking that I would need to make 2 servers each with one CPU as it was in older versions (atleast videos that I watched). As of now everything is up and running smoothly.
  23. hello i need assistance, when trying to install the program i get a error saying that i already installed it, but once i attempt to run it it gives another error anyone know what i am doing wrong and what i need to do to get it working?
  24. Hello everyone, I apologize first off if I should have just commented on that post, I just didn't want to necro / hijack the thread. I'm currently attempting to use BadCode's password door for the sake of learning. I've got the code to run, the password is accepted/denied appropriately. My issue however is upon running the code, it immediately emits a redstone signal from my redstone i/o (Using creative computer with a redstone i/o block attached) before a password is input. I assume from reading the code it's the part where it attempts to reset the door to its closed position? What seems to happen is upon accepting the password, the I/O actually ends the signal emission for the designated duration instead. I'm a bit too new to figure out why / how to fix this and was wondering if anyone would be able to help me understand how I can do fix it. I'll attach the code from the other post. The only edit I've made is adjusting the side that the power is emitting from. EDIT#1: So after getting some help from the IRC we were able to figure out why I'm a failure haha. It seems that the issue stemmed from the default values in the code being assigned to emit at a level of 255 for the redstone (which I wasn't aware was for non-vanilla redstone wires). The code below has been updated accordingly for vanilla redstone wire. Thanks to @Vexatos for being awesome and catching that. --[[ Password Lock Program for OpenComputers This program is designed to run indefinitely on a basic terminal to provide password protection via redstone. It includes configurations for the door open duration, redstone output side, password, and an "admin" break password that will allow a user to gracefully terminate the program. By badcode9, 2016 ]] local component = require("component") if not component.isAvailable("redstone") then io.stderr:write("This program requires either a Redstone Card Tier 1 or Redstone I/O block to run.\n") return end local rs = component.redstone local os = require("os") local term = require("term") local text = require("text") local sides = require("sides") --[[ Config ]]----------------------------------------------------------------- local pass = "password" local d = 5 -- Door open duration local s = sides.bottom -- Where to output redstone signal to open the door --[[ Door Control ]]----------------------------------------------------------- local function openDoor(duration) -- Open door for the duration provided, then close again. rs.setOutput(s, 15) os.sleep(duration) rs.setOutput(s, 0) end --[[ Main ]]------------------------------------------------------------------- -- Close door on init rs.setOutput(s, 0) while true do term.clear() -- Password Request print("Enter Password:") answer = text.trim(term.read(nil, false, nil, "*")) -- Masking input characters; trim newline term.setCursor(1,2) term.clearLine() -- Password Check if answer == "admin" then -- admin pwd to break execution term.clear() print("Admin Override\n") return elseif answer == pass then print("ACCESS GRANTED") openDoor(d) else print("ACCESS DENIED") os.sleep(3) end end
  25. Just the installer though.... xD
  26. Ahh was the memory. Needs more than tier 2. Thanks!
  27. No but you should check the amount of RAM you installed in the computer. Also the server might hit a memory limit somewhere... If nothing works, just clone your computers hdd
  28. Soooo Hi again, it's been a while xD. Having a bit of trouble with the latest version on 1.7.10. I have set up a reactor with a computer controlling it just fine, my friends are trying to do the same on the same server and it's failing to download br_grid_control @ 50% however it works fine in single player. Any idea what would cause this? Is it one controller per server?
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