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    • Lizzy Trickster

      Latest Stable OpenComputers Version   11/26/16

      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.7.2 for MC 1.7.10, 1.10.2, 1.11.2 & 1.12.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)

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  1. Today
  2. Big Reactors Grid Control

    ok so when you say brgcctrl is that what you type in after exiting the gui. please forgive I'm a complete noob at all this and I'm just trying to learn
  3. Yesterday
  4. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Or you can just remove /etc/br_control.cfg Or you can use brgcctrl But yes you are right, if you make changes to the system you have to somehow recalibrate it.
  5. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Sorry for the delay. Here's a link to my log yesterday when the server went into TPS 0 mode and wouldn't respond to anything. I had gone back to the original FTB Revelation 1.8.0 version of Extreme Reactors to stop the server crashing, but yesterday I tried the latest version of that and it's dependancy zerocore. Server ran fine for about an hour then just stopped resonding as you can see from the logs. The initial crash at the start of the log is me trying BRGC again on the older Extreme Reactors mod. As you can see from the end of the log, the newest ER mod stops the user from logging in, you have to force exit the server to close it down, it doesn't respond to any commands. There is no crash log generated. This is multiplayer. 2018-04-23-2.log
  6. Last week
  7. Big Reactors Grid Control

    through experimentation the last few days I have found that when you make changes to your system ie. change the coil size of a turbine or the dimension or makeup of your reactor it's best to break and replace all computer ports so the open computer can "recalibrate" the system. I added a turbine, I also increased the reactor by 2 blocks in height and the turbines never got up to speed and the control rods of the reactor were all over the place until I broke and replaced all ports thus giving them new "IP" addresses which in turn forced the computer to recalibrate . Hope this helps someone
  8. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Having an issue with this crashing my instance. Well it doesn't hard crash but gets stuck in "waiting for server". Modpack is Modern Skyblock 3. Extreme Reactors: 4.5.48 Opencomputers: I got the program installed and tried to run rc brgc_reactor start when it happened. The program never got to start up even. No errors or anything on the opencomputers screen before everything stopped responding.
  9. Big Reactors Grid Control

    Thank you so very much for all your input you have been very helpful
  10. Big Reactors Grid Control

    o so the coil is not 5x5 missing the center block but 3x3 missing the center block
  11. Big Reactors Grid Control

    "Independent" makes the grid controller not controll that turbine. The turbine will then be self-regulating and slowing up / down depending on the internal energy buffer (the target is 50%). While this works extremely well, it's not as efficient as having the turbine be turned on/off by the grid controller. If you intend to build a turbine and not add it to your main power-grid, however, you can use this mode to make it happen.
  12. Big Reactors Grid Control

    One more question, In the turbine gui what does "Independent" do, and in the grid gui "Charge"
  13. Big Reactors Grid Control

    hm? in a 7x7x16 you have 32 blocks of ludicrite, resulting in a 4 deep coil, then you use a double layer of blades on the rotor, resulting in a 10 deep blade assembly with 80 blades (more blades are useless). Add 2 blocks for the casing on each end and you get a 16 deep / high turbine.
  14. Big Reactors Grid Control

    I hear what you say about 1 chunk , I did what Dire suggested and changed the config to 32 in the x,z direction and their all in a claimed and loaded chunk's, yes I do take a lot of what I learn from Dire's videos and Try to apply that to my game so my understanding of Extreme Reactors is what I've learned from him. so in a 7x7x16 you have 1 layer(24 blocks) and 8 blocks of ludicrite and 96 turbine blades (12 layers of 8 blades)
  15. Big Reactors Grid Control

    I personally prefer 7x7x16 so i can fit them into a chunk however i want, but that's just personal preference really. That's up to you. Your reactor should be fine. If i understood your reactor design correctly, your reactor can sustain 11 turbines. You've got some headroom there
  16. Big Reactors Grid Control

    will the reactor handle 3 turbines?. More compact? different dimensions ? right now its 5x5x27 outside with rotors right next to ludicrite, maybe 7x7x? with double length rotor blades?
  17. Big Reactors Grid Control

    32 ludicrite is superior to 37 enderium so i recommend ludicrite. You can also build the turbine more compact that way. If you already have the ludicrite, why not craft some more and build another turbine?
  18. Big Reactors Grid Control

    XyFreak Than you Very much, I uped the ludicrite to 40 and YES it made it worse so.... which can I get more power from 37 blocks of enderium or 32 blocks of lidicrite ? beings I already have the ludicrite ? Ender pearls Not a problem... I've had great luck getting lilies
  19. Big Reactors Grid Control

    @John T. 37 ludicrite is too much. 32 is the max you should use. That's propably the reason you can't get your turbine up to speed. EDIT: Just to clarify, ludicrite has a much higher pull on the rotor so you can't just substitute enderium blocks with ludicrite
  20. Undocumented "window" parameter in the term API wiki

    I think I'll first try to set up a basic Operating System (I'm trying to make something like "miniOS", so basically imitate DOS a bit) and when the basic system is working, I'll try implementing your idea, if that's okay. Anyway, thanks for your help!
  21. MineOS - beautiful GUI to standard shell.

    me too! pls fix
  22. Big Reactors Grid Control

    super laminar ducts . DW20 pack
  23. Big Reactors Grid Control

    What are you using for steam transport?
  24. Hello everyone! Direwo... eh, not quite right. Well, OpenGlasses for 1.12 is out! And I noticed there were no public button API for it, so I made one myself! I have a few functions built-in to make it easier to change stuff, but it was created with simplicity in mind. So if you simply just initialize a button and bind a function to it, it won't do any fancy stuff except for activating the function when you press it, so you have to add your own functionality to it: But with a little bit of extra code: Ok, not that big a difference, you guys are probably more creative than me! I also have a concept called "groups". When creating a button, you can specify what group it should be in. So if you want to change the color of all the buttons to the left side to pink, you can do that. Functions (in no particular order): --Needs to be called before creating any buttons, works as a reset also: gButtonAPI4.initialize() --Creating a new button element: gButtonAPI4.createNewButton(name,group,display,x,y,w,h,color: table,transparently,callback: function) --Has to be inside of your main loop: gButtonAPI4.update() --Prints all registered groups: gButtonAPI4.printGroups() --Change the visibility of the button/group: gButtonAPI4.visibility(button/group,boolean) --Change the color of the button/group: gButtonAPI4.Color(button/group[,color: table])--None for default color. --Same as color, but changes the label: gButtonAPI4.Label(button/group[,text])--None for default label. --Add a button to a group: gButtons.addToGroup(button,group) If you don't want to make a new function for each new button, you can then bind them all to the same function. And add a parameter to your function, the name of the button that was clicked will be returned: local function btniF(buttonx) gButtons.Color(buttonx,{0,255,0}) print("I am " .. buttonx .. "!") os.sleep(0.5) gButtons.Color(buttonx) end I added a Demo program that shows most of the library's functions. Oh, btw, I like the number 4. It's not like this is my fourth attempt creating this or anything! Write a reply if you have any questions, this was my first attempt to create a usable library. gButtonAPI4.lua gButtonsDemo.lua
  25. Big Reactors Grid Control

    ok new question I have 1 reactor with a 3x3x7 fuel rod core, a 2 block space filled with gelid cryotheum between the core and the case and I'm running 2 5x5x27 turbines each has 37 ludicrite blocks and 80 rotor blades but the program only spins the turbines up to 1300 ~ RPM why not 1700~ ? is there a way to adjust this ?
  26. Big Reactors Grid Control

    just replaced the hard drive and it seams to be helping. nexk thought ... how do you clear a hard drive ?
  27. Big Reactors Grid Control

    not sure what I'm doing wrong... I have the computer up and running fine the first two times I tried (http://xypm.tenyx.de/standalone/brgc_installer.lua) it gave me an error message saying that I did not have permission now it says file installed and now when I type (rc brgc_reactor start) or (rc brgc_turbine start) it tells me file not found ??? the computer never did go through an install sequence for brgc like it did on direwolf20's S9 E86 @ 16:43 in the video
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