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    • Lizzy Trickster

      Latest Stable OpenComputers Version   11/26/16

      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.6.1 for MC 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4 & 1.10.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)

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  2. thread question #2

    oh guys i am so sorry for some reason i did not try to click on enter again after i click on the screen this is so embarrassing
  3. Today
  4. what am i doing wrong?

    component.invoke(address, "setEnabled", true) Or component.proxy(address).setEnabled(true)
  5. what am i doing wrong?

    i did could u please show me how that's done?
  6. Yesterday
  7. what am i doing wrong?

    excavators.on isnt a function did you mean to use component.invoke/component.proxy
  8. what am i doing wrong?

    local component = require("component") local excavator = component.ie_excavator local onoff = component.ie_excavator.isActive() local on = component.ie_excavator.setEnabled(true) local excavators = {} local stateIndex = 1 for address in component.list("ie_ex") do excavators[stateIndex]=address print (excavators[stateIndex]) print (onoff) stateIndex = stateIndex+1 excavators.on() end here u go
  9. what am i doing wrong?

    The screenshot resolution is hard to read. Could you post the full code in 'code' tags?
  10. Simultaneous and tick based redstone outputs

    well if you want to have simultaneous outputs you need to set the redstoneDelay in the settings.conf to 0 (or less than a tick < 0.05) there is currently no other way to achieve that. But be aware if you do so, you need to build a custom timing system into your script to avoid double calls on redstone in one tick otherwise you could end up with really bad MC performance. I use something like this: local redstone = require("component").redstone --lazy shorthand for demo purpose dont use that until you know why local tick = computer.uptime() --get the current ingame uptime in seconds tick = tick % 1 --gets only the fraction of a second tick = tick * 20 --multiply by 20 to get the tick tick = math.floor(tick + 0.1) --remove any binary error and get a clean tick number -- you can shorten this to: --local tick = math.floor((computer.uptime()%1)*20+0.1)) --create a shorthand that only executes if the set value differs local function setRS(side, value) local current = redstone.getOutput(side) --get current output value, dont use getInput() could be different if current ~= value then redstone.setOutput(side,value) end end --you could also implement a execute only once per tick function to filter multiple calls in one tick --but I dont do this since it would be stupid to change a redstone signal more than once in a tick anyway Dafuq code block seems to have badly broken highlighter try with some real lua highlighter Anyway I opened a issue on that on Github to fix that by allowing to feed setOutput a table with six sides, maybe we are lucky and it get implemented.
  11. Minecraft 1.10.2, OpenComputers 1.10.2-, ProjectRed 1.10.2-, MrTJPCore 1.10.2-
  12. what am i doing wrong?

    heres the error
  13. My OpenComputers Does Not Detect Bundled Redstone Cable from Project Red
  14. Last week
  15. thread question #2

    Thanks for the massage i sure that i testet that but i Will test it again. i Will have ny computer i 20 hours then i Will test it maybe You Can test it for me?
  16. thread question #2

    io.read() is a blocking operation so io.read() must complete before it checks if it is still running.
  17. thread question #2

    When you say the loop doesn't end do you mean it doesn't end immediately or it doesn't end after you press enter.
  18. Zetta Industries RF meter monitor program

    Hello, I play on a roleplay server and I own the energy company there, like any energy company in the world I have to bill my clients and I use the Zetta Industries RF meter to do that, it outputs the exact amount of energy the user has consumed. To bill my clients I have to go up to their property and check the meter and that is getting really hard since the server is groing so I need another way of billing. I found that the RF meter is compatible with OC and there are a series of commands that i can use to make my life easier. Here' the link to them https://zi.bymarcin.com/RFMeter/RFMeter.md. What I need is a program that does all the functions in the link and displays all the information about the meters in a monitor. The program must also be easy to use, example: if i want to block someones electricty I click on their meter displayed on the monitor and a window appears with all the actions I can take, then I click on the Block elevtricity action and the meter stops outputing. If this example is too hard or impossible to use the commands can be text based as long they are easy to use. I really need this program and if possible I would like to get it in a month, but I know it is a really complicated program(I think, don't know nothing about lua XD) so anyone that might want to take a swing at it can take as much time as they need, I need something functional and easy to use as previously said. Thank you for your time, I wish all of you good luck. Also it must be for version 1.7.10
  19. thread question #2

    Please post all your code. In code tags please.
  20. thread question #2

    oh please some one help me
  21. OpenComputers problem

    You could do that with a wireless network card (that is an internal not external component) but of course the other side needs a computer who can detect the signal.
  22. So I experimented a little with mouting, labels and hard drives when i ran into a problem. I tested to mount two hard drives, in the same computer to different "/...". I followed the tutorial and it worked for one of the drives, the one with OpenOS installed. The other one didn't mount automatically as stated in its autorun.lua Thinking it might be a id conflict I changed one of the programs into autorun_data.lua That didn't seem to work either. I guess you can only run one autorun.lua however I'm not sure how to define each HDD to separate directories. If I'd guess I would need a variable set to the addresses. However I'm not how exactly. Any help would be appreciated as I try to learn this mod. Edit. OK... now it worked. I don't understand... but that's good. I'd still like to know if there's a way to set addresses to variables just for fun.
  23. Break not exiting while loop

    Thanks. It's always referenced as 'the' newline char
  24. Break not exiting while loop

    '\n' is one character so it may be sub(-1)
  25. OpenComputers problem

    Awh that's too bad. I was playing with the thought of being able to send the IDC via a tablet. Like in the show where they send it over so HQ will open the iris.
  26. Break not exiting while loop

    Thank you, input:sub(-2) didn't work but io.read() did work. I searched through the documentation and you are correct that term.read() adds a newline char.
  27. Lost mount after installing OpenOS

    I started all over, twice. After reading up on filesystem I think I might have figured it out. Apparently "/" denotes root folder and the mod doesn't like if you try to mount it, instead creating additional folders in the mnt/123 folder of the root system (so as I tried to mount the root fs as /sys, instead it created a new folder under "/" called sys.), if you try to follow the tutorial. Seems hard-coded that root fs can't be mounted differently, at least not as a beginner. There was several other commands on the wiki, one might fix it. But I wouldn't know. Also being a root fs seems to stop autorun as I had it set to mount the hdd as the tutorial said. Before installing OpenOS and starting the problems. It worked the first time but then I hadn't installed OpenOS, instead running it off the floppy. So I guess installing OpenOS on the drive makes it behave that way. I'll check if the mount command gives as much info as the wiki hinted at tomorrow. Feels like the tutorial is a bit outdated.
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