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[NOW COMPLETE] Forum Maintenance and Upgrades

This announcement is no longer active


The below is now all complete. It took longer than I wanted it to due to some unforeseen issues with php...



Hi All,

Some time this week-end (15th of March through to the 17th) I will be putting the forums into maintenance / offline mode whilst I move them over to a new virtual server.

The reason for this move is two-fold:

  • The first being that there is an update to the forums that requires a newer version of PHP than Ubuntu 16.04 LTS provides by default.
  • The second is that to enable TLSv1.3 on the forums, I need to get an updated version of OpenSSL (which is also not available on Ubuntu 16.04).


There should be minimal downtime, about half an hour at most I suspect.

~ Liz

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