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  3. There is already Lukyt and if you plan to make a OC architecture (which is better than modifying the mod itself), beware that you MUST sandbox and limit the Java code, or else you might end up with malicious programs that will shutdown the server or even corrupt it.
  4. Actually even using ccDHD cause the stargate to immediately close once the wormhole is open. Only SGCX is able to dial correctly without issues even with the other programs connected to the gate. The problem arise only when it's another program try to use the gate when SGCX is connected to it. But if I disconnect SGCX from the gate, all other programs works well together (ccDHD, nexDHD, StargateControl (by Bysokar)). That's why I guess something wrong inside SGCX only. Otherwise the problem would appear between the other programs too which is not the case. I made sure that also that every OC interfaces connected to the gate are separated by 1 block each so they don't "connect" each other. I could show you some screenshots or video of my setup? Maybe I missed something...
  5. Faster infinite quarry This is program for robot quarry. It uses a special pattern thanks to which it is up to 40% faster than the default dig.lua. The pattern also stretches into infinity, so if you equip the robot with a chunk loader upgrade you never have to worry about it again. The robot also remembers its position, so it the quarry can be easily resumed. Usage Assemble a robot (see Requirements below). Set up power, tool supply, etc. (see Setup below). Place the robot and turn it on. Copy the minified program (squashed onto a single line). In the robot type edit column_quarry.lua and paste the program (by clicking the mouse wheel or using a keybind). Press ctrl+s to save the program and ctrl+w to exit editor. Run the program by typing column_quarry. See Program options below. Requirements Minimal Computer case tier 2 CPU tier 1 2x memory tier 1 EPPROM with Lua BIOS Hard disk tier 1 with OpenOS installed* Screen tier 1 Keyboard Graphics card tier 1 Inventory controller upgrade Inventory upgrade (more is better) Hover upgrade ** *use a computer to install OpenOS on the disk before assembling the robot, or add a disk drive to the robot (like in the screenshot). **If you use Hove upgrade tier 1, you must start mining at y < 64, otherwise the robot will get stuck in the air. If you use tier 2 you can mine at any height. Also note that the minimal requirements robot does not have a Chunk loader upgrade, therefore you have to load the chunks externally (by using ChickenChunks chunk loader for example) Recommended Computer case tier 3 CPU tier 1 2x memory tier 1 EPPROM with Lua BIOS Hard disk tier 1 with OpenOS installed* Screen tier 1 Keyboard Graphics card tier 1 Inventory controller upgrade Chunkloader upgrade Battery upgrade Hover upgrade * Inventory upgrade (more is better) upgrade container for more inventory upgrades *see Minimal requirements Setup Schema: C R I P A A... R - Robot facing the top of schema C - Charger I - Items chest: the robot will put all mined blocks and resources here P - Pickaxes: robot will take fresh primary mining tools from here and will put used (almost broken) ones to a chest on top of it A - Additional tools: robot will take one tool from each chest in row. Almost broken ones will be put to a chest above. It will use these to try breaking blocks it cannot break with pickaxe (or the primary tool you supply it with). More on that later. The robot mines area to the top right of the schema You can use any tool instead of pickaxe (such as a mining drill from IC2) and any inventory for items, not only chest. For example: the robot takes a charged mining drill from a batbox and it puts the discharged one into a hopper above the batbox, which pushes the discharged drill into the batbox for recharging. The robot cannot mine cobwebs using a pickaxe (and other blocks from mods such as Magic bees hives). That's what additional tools are for. If a robot fails to mine a block using pickaxe, it will try to mine it using all the available additional tools. The robot takes one additional tool from each chest to the right of the "pickaxe" chest. You can put as many chest you want - the robot counts how many chests there are. Screenshot: The robot is facing away from the ender chest The charger is powered by a creative capacitor bank and is turned on by a lever. You can use almost any type of power, but for some you will need a power converter. Ender chest - mined resources will be put here Iron chest - robot will take fresh primary mining tools (pickaxes) from here Golden chest - used (almost broken) pickaxes will be put here Copper chests - robot will take one additional tool from each. There are three, but you can have more, less or even none. Diamond chest - used (almost broken) additional tools will be put here (to the one above the chest the tool was taken from) Red area will be mined (continues infinitely) Mid-game setup on Direwolf 1.12.2 I use diamond drill (IC2) instead of pickaxe, because it can be recharged. I also use a chainsaw (IC2)(rechargable too) for cobwebs and scoop for bee hives (Magic bees) Power is supplied using a geothermal generator with an ender tank hooked up to my lava pump in the nether. Ender chest sends mined items back to my base The robot will take a charged drill and chainsaw from the batbox and put the used one into the hopper which pushes the tool back to the batbox to recharge. The robot takes a charged drill first and then returns the used one, so I need two of them. One is being used by the robot and the other one is charging. (same for chainsaw) Scoops cannot be easily repaired, so I just have a ton of them. Don't forget to load the chunk with a spot loader and use a chunk loader upgrade in the robot. I use the --alwaysChangeTool flag so that the robot recharges the drill whenever it drops off item. End-game setup on Direwolf20 1.12.2 It is located in the Twilight forest dimension, because the y is lower in it (there is less stone to be mined before we get to the diamonds) and the solar cell works non-stop. I use EnderIO solar cell with a capacitor for power. There is another ender chest in my base which suck up items into my storage system and ore processing factory. The robot mines with an Efficiency V, Fortune III, Unbreaking III, Mending diamond pickaxe. I also use 2 additional tools: sword for cobwebs and scoop for bee hives (from Magic bees mod). Both have Mending on them as well. Tools are repaired in the EnderIO fluid tanks using liquid XP (tools have mending on them). I get the liquid XP from my mob farm by converting essence (Industrial foregoing) from mob crusher in fluid dictionary converter and pumping it through ender tank. There are always 2 identical tools of the same kind: one is being used by the robot and the other one is waiting repaired to be exchanged for the almost broken one. The robot takes a fresh tool from the fluid tank and puts the used tool into the hopper, which pushes it into the fluid tank, where it is repaired. Program options Usage column_quarry [OPTIONS]... column_quarry help Arguments help Displays help instead of starting the quarry. Options --continue Resumes the quarry progress on the last mined column. Useful for example if the robot got stuck and you had to break it. Just place the robot at the starting point, use this option and it will continue where it was. --continue=n Where n is the side of the already mined area. The robot will continue mining roughly at the end of the entered area. Useful if replacing a lost robot. If you want to replace a robot you did not lose, it is better copy the state file (see State saving) --alwaysChangeTool The robot will change its primary tool (pickaxe) every time it visits the start point, not only when it is almost broken. Recommended when using a repairable tool like in the example setups. State saving The robot saves its progress every time it finished mining a column into file named column_quarry_state. If you want to replace the robot, just copy the contents of this file onto the new robot and start the quarry on the new robot with the --continue option. I will continue, where the old robot finished. Download Copy and paste the program in either human-readable or minified version into the robot. Due to the 256 line paste limit, you will have to paste the program in parts or use the minified version, which is squashed onto a single line. Latest version download: human-readable version minified version How it works The robot mines in this pattern: ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ _ _ _ ■ _ On every black square ■ the robot mines down/up spinning around and mining all 4 adjacent blocks. In this pattern, every block has one black square next to it, so all blocks will be mined. I call the places where the robot mines down/up (marked by black squares) "mining columns". The space is mined in "groups" of columns. Each group consists of 5 columns in a way that groups can tile. One group: X ↓ 6 _ □ _ ↓ _ _ □ 5 _ _ → ■ ← ↓ _ 4 □ _ ↓ ↑ → ■ ← 3 _ → ■ ← ↓ ↑ _ □ 2 _ ↓ ↑ → ■ ← _ 1 → ■ ← _ ↑ _ □ 0 _ ↑ _ □ _ _ _ 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 ← Y ■ - "mining column" - Here the robot mines down/up spinning and mining all adjacent blocks (marked by arrows) arrows - this block is mined by an adjacent column _ - ignored □ - columns of the next/previous group The footprint of a group looks like this: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ If you look carefully, you see that these shapes can tile vertically and horizontally to mine the entire space. The robot always mines one group and then moves on to the next one. Groups in space are ordered like this: X ↓ ... 25 35 34 33 32 31 30 20 16 17 18 19 20 29 15 15 14 13 12 21 28 10 4 5 6 11 22 27 5 3 2 7 10 23 26 0 0 1 8 9 24 25 ... 0 5 10 15 20 25 ← Y Drawn with arrows: X ↓ ... 25 ↑ ← ← ← ← ← 20 → → → → ↓ ↑ 15 ↑ ← ← ← ↓ ↑ 10 → → ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑ 5 ↑ ← ↓ ↑ ↓ ↑ 0 → ↑ → ↑ → ↑ ... 0 5 10 15 20 25 ← Y ... and continues into infinity. Contributing Source code of this program can be found on GitLab: https://gitlab.com/vitSkalicky/oc-column-quarry All contributions are welcome. Please open a new merge request if you want to add something, but if it is a problem you can always just send me the code.
  6. Hold on i just reaized The tape is longer than the data on the tape I mean I could use audacity to stretch the audio I replaced the tape with a 2 minute one (the audio is 1:43) and made it check if tape position is equal to the tape's size minus 1 also extended it
  7. So i'm playing around with the cassette tapes and tape drive in computronics and I made a code to loop back audio it keeps returning false while true do if tape_drive.getPosition() > tape_drive.getSize() then print("Tape has ended, rewinding") tape_drive.seek(-tape_drive.getSize()) end print("Sleeping" .. tape_drive.getPosition()) sleep(1) end I'm not using tape_drive.isEnd() because it's not that reliable oh and also code excluding the requires i did add them in my actual code but this is the problematic part
  8. Log

    Drone Pathfinding?

    Depends on the size of the known area. At a distance of 1-2 chunks, A* or JPS work quite well even on a 1 tier CPU. A* requires a lot more memory, but its heuristics are better for drones.
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  10. Is there any way to make a drone calculate a path then follow it? I don't think the tier 1 cpu could do that but maybe link it to a computer and geolyzer with a linked card? Not asking for a program just asking if it is possible.
  11. Just posting some random stuff I've been working on. MTFS, a more efficient way of sharing filesystems over MT-RPC than exporting components wholesale. It's on oppm but I'm not quite happy with it yet. libdownload ft. PsychOS, allows generic "here's a URI, get this file for me" with pluggable protocols, eventually™ mtar is just like, tar, but with less stuff. Supports compression. No new propaganda today, but I thought this was cute:
  12. I could make this
  13. The pastebin link no longer works. You can still install it using this command wget -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/IgorTimofeev/MineOS/master/Installer/BIOS.lua /tmp/bios.lua && flash -q /tmp/bios.lua && reboot Reply if you need more help.
  14. Hi, I was thinking of trying to add Java support to OC, however, firstly I would want to know if it is okay. So would someone appreciate it? (I would need to modify the mod itself.)
  15. I have a big issue: When I use io.read() in the lua console it works fine, but when I run this piece of code: io=require("io") io.read() This happens: And then, when I try to use the lua console:
  16. Interesting. This isn't really a typical use case and I would be amazed if my nexDHD would run without crashing in this kind of configuration. I guess you could use nexDHD and ccDHD because they are OpenComputer and Computercraft respectively. If you have a computer with nexDHD and another with SGCX both connected to the stargate then I would assume their components connect to each other which will cause problems (and it would be really difficult to fix).
  17. gola, I tell you, I have a roleplay server I comment, it turns out that your system is very good and I wanted to give you the possibility to enter and sell it yourself, the server uses virtual currencies (Peso de Blorcart and Dollar of Prencort depending on the country, blorcart, Spanish speakers, prencor, English speakers) the case, if you want to sell it I think you could be quite rich within the server , if you are not going to go in and play with us and sell your product on the server, I have a question, will you let me use it inside the server? in that case we would create the foundation for the preservation of MineOS that will keep the server in the internal market, it was just that, all I want is to be able to use this OS and give you the option to monetize it within the server so that you play with that money within the server this message has been translated automatically, I don't speak English, I'm sorry
  18. I own black magic. Сan determine the block hardness in one scan, at any distance. Maybe I'll write a post explaining how to do it.
  19. Hi! I am trying to install JSON library to have a more convenient way to save information to files. I downloaded "json.lua" from github (https://github.com/sziberov/OpenComputers/blob/master/lib/json.lua) and place it in /lib/ folder. When running a simple test program I get the following error json = require("json") print (json.encode( { 1, 2, 'fred', {first='mars',second='venus',third='earth'} } )) /lib/json.lua:398: JSON:encode must be called in method format I am not sure what they mean with "method format". I am quite new to Lua, what am I doing wrong? Thanks!
  20. Another suggestion is to manually dial a gate without having to register it in the address group.
  21. How exactly does it work? How do you tell if there is ore or just stone. The geolyzer returns only hardness and can be noisy.
  22. Sorry for the late reply, i got bored with minecraft but now i am rebuilding the OS from the ground up, i am gonna make a github repo for it.
  23. zccafa3

    Robot codes

    @Brob721 This is probably the wrong part of the forum for your question, which would be better suited to live in "Home > Code Central > Support > Programming". If you create a new topic over there, I will glady respond to your question. That way the topic and responses will live on (in the correct part of the forum) for anyone else's reference in the future.
  24. I know an easy way to find out the hardness of a block at any distance in one scan. Accuracy 99.31% When move the robot a couple of blocks, the accuracy will be 100%.
  25. Hello, Me and a friend of mine are making security doors for the other players in the server. We make a pc with a door controller and a magswipe and it's working great. We wrote a very simple program to handle the event (while true with event.pull) but after sometime the program just don't work anymore and needs a restart. I think it might be because the chunk is unloading but I saw that when that happens the program just continue from where it stopped when it was unloaded. What could be the issue?
  26. It looks like the problem come from the EEPROM, try crafting a new EEPROM (Lua BIOS) and put it inside, it's important to have the "(Lua BIOS)" in the item's name or else it won't work.
  27. I'm unable to get my server to boot anything. I've tried to use OpenOS disks and other methods such as installing MineOS on a secondary computer and then transferring the hard drive to this server, with no avail. Is this server just bugged out or what's happening?
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