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UPDATES TO EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS (Some users unable to get emails)


UPDATE 2021-02-22: I have been in contact with Microsoft and I believe that the blocks will soon be lifted. In order for my mail servers to not be blocked again, I have made the following changes:

  1. ALL USERS have had their email preferences reset to "Not enabled by default" (new users signing up after this point will have these as default). If you wish to recieve emails, please update your prefferences in your user settings.
  2. If you follow content (either explicitly or implicitly by replying to topics), the forums will automatically remove the follow record if your account is inactive for longer than 60 days.

This might cause some disruptions if you previously used email notifications to keep up to date with topics on the forums, but unfortunatly I am unable to take the chance of being blocked by Microsoft's systems again.

I can see that there are some users stuck in "validating" who are on one of Microsoft's domains, if your account is stuck in this state and you want to be able to post, please mention/DM me on Discord/IRC with your account name and email and I'll manually approve it. I'll clear out the back log as soon as Microsoft gives me the all-clear.




Hi All,

If your forum email is hosted on Microsoft's (hotmail.com, live.com, outlook.com, etc) servers you currently wont be getting emails from the forums due to the IP that the forum uses to send emails having been blocked. I don't currently have a resolution time for this.

If you have issues and you're on a MS provided address, please give me a poke on IRC or Discord.

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